The Style Council – Promised Land (US Promo 12″)

The Style Council hit the dancefloor with this set of quality house mixes. To help promote sells of a Best of “The Singular Adventures of the Style Council”  released in 1989. The main track , mixed by Juan Atkins, has plenty of space effects and is an original house track from Joe Smooth and SC probably gave it more exposure. However many thought it was covered too close to the original and stopped Joe Smooth getting to Number 1, a case of who did the original?

The Pianopella features no beats but plenty of soul. B-side “Can You Still Love Me ?” is a deeper house track. Weller on the 808!

NEW LINK 2021 (again!)

Polydor ‎– 889 147-1SAM_7426

A1 Promised Land (Club Mix) 7:05
A2 Promised Land (Pianopella) 3:43
B1 Can You Still Love Me? (Club Mix) 8:06
B2 Can You Still Love Me? (Dub) 4:34

7 thoughts on “The Style Council – Promised Land (US Promo 12″)”

  1. One can imagine the outraged headlines if calling out cultural appropriation had been a thing back in 1989: “white pop star seeking new relevance with note for note not very inspired cover version of black underground track robbing original artist of huge charts impact in the process”. Can’t say it would have been completely unfair…

  2. hi…u re up this one for me the last year. Could u check if the pianopella have a distortion? 🙂 🙂

  3. It’s shae
    I’m sure you are sick of me by now lol but here’s the last Style Council I’m hoping you will re upload with all the others I asked for. If it’s no trouble I’d appreciate it. Thank you for your love of music.

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