Barry Manilow ‎– Could It Be Magic 1993 (12″)

Blame Mike! So he posted this up to share literally yesterday and I had a feeling I had some more Manilow and low and behold it’s this!! I bought it because Art Of Noise’s Ann Dudley was on piano and Trevor Horn was on production, so there!

From 1993 and rather bombast!!! (In this raw, straight from vinyl recording) F**K Take That’s weedy version, this is from the Master!!YiBSnB5Q

Arista ‎– 74321 17488 1manny

A Could It Be Magic (12″ 1993 Remix)
B1 Could It Be Magic 1993
B2 Could It Be Magic (Instrumental)




  1. ** Mike B.** · May 7, 2017

    Yep it was me! Thought you might me saying WTF Mike on the B. Manilow piece!! Now I don’t feel so bad and am forced to grab this because of the T.H. produced mix.

    Oh I also have the Copacabana ’93 mix Picture sleeve (Brand Spanking New – 1 Owner – Me, what was I thinking…Hmmmm) if anyone dares to request for the next round of 90’s.

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