Yello ‎– La Habanera – Hands On Yello (The Remixes) (US Promo 2 x 12″)

I’ve had a long love affair with these 2 crazy Swiss eccentrics as can be seen littered through out this beast of a blog. I recently bought the Deluxe edition of their latest album “Toy” and it cost me over £30 quid, collecting their stuff is pricey. So when Mike whipped this one out of his digital bag I was amazed! £65 quid not including shipping. Hands up to Mike nevermind Hands On!!

The “Hands On…” project saw Yello collaborate with some big European producers and remixers in the mid 90’s (Jam & Spoon, Westbam, Moby) to try and cement their relevance in dance music. I didn’t think they needed to do it, they are followed not followers and it smelt a bit like a sell out. Most of the stuff I’ve got and as a fan I was quite disappointed, Emperor’s New Clothes and that…God even Boris started to dress like a Home Boy!!

boris and d

Here are 9 mixes of La Habanera! 9 l-o-n-g mixes. All flavours but mostly House. Thank God you get snippets of Dieter Meier deranged vocal delivery on most of them!!




A1 La Habanera (Prophets Of Rage (Fat Free Mix)) 6:47
A2 La Habanera (Mars Hill’s Mix) 7:40
B1 La Habanera (Hallquist And S.A.I.N. Vocal Mix) 7:54
B2 La Habanera (Bastone Club Plex Mix) 6:44
C1 La Habanera (Prophets Of Rage Electro Mix) 7:56
C2 La Habanera (S+M’s Blue Bomb Mix) 7:10
D1 La Habanera (Hallquist And S.A.I.N. Deep Dub Mix) 7:38
D2 La Habanera (Plextone Mix) 6:02
D3 La Habanera (Carl Craig Mix) 5:43




  1. Simon Quincey · May 3, 2017

    Brilliant. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  2. Randy Francis · May 3, 2017

    Thanks for sharing. I have to agree with you about the “Hands on” project, not my fave stuff by Yello… they do so much better by them selves.

  3. Andreas · March 12

    any chance to reupload this?

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  5. Andreas · March 16


  6. Andreas · March 16

    by the way….is someone have this rare item here?

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