Countdown to the 80’s and bloody Zippyshare!


So hopefully back in the 80’s by the weekend…. you’ve dabbled in the 90’s but I’m guessing Zippyshare is being a bit of a twat when downloading. It certainly is for me at the moment. False Pop-ups, Spam and the like. Need to find a reasonable file sharer. It ain’t fair on you guys or me as I’m putting the time in. Any suggestions? I used Netkups but they seem to of died out. Rapidshare….don’t get me started 😦


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  1. A few suggestions! Some people use Uploaded, maybe great but for te people who like a lot o stuff on this blog (like Matt) could be a pain. You can only download every 3 hrs (I believe). The oter ones that I thought should be OK.
    Meganz (download through browser) –
    Mediafire – and maybe 1 other
    Sendspace –
    These worked well (For Me) when I was grabbing stuff !!
    Think some of the files may last longer and less re-ups on a regular bass (I believe, never tested these but may have to now).

  2. Rapidshare’s long gone anyway! I generally feel happy downloading from Mediafire, bcause that tends to be pop-up-less. Or Mega.

  3. I was having loads of s..t with zippy til I read I should right-click and ‘save as’. No problems with spam or pop-ups now.

  4. No. Zippy and Mega are best places. Good speed and without restrictions, delays and countdowns. Zippy for small files up to 1 Gb and Mega for large files. Pop-ups depend on browser you use. And yes – in case of Zippy you better right click and save as. I have no problem at all. But even if you have one pop-up is no such a big problem. Besides anyone can use good free portable stuff like Mipony downloader or Megadownloader

  5. mega seems to be the best. file factory not bad

  6. I have never had a problem with Zippyshare (or Mega), quite contrary, I find it very fast and reliable. But I also use jDownloader (

    You simply load the links and let JD do the rest!

    I have seen other sites use shareplace, which seem to last a long time.

    1. lol , the link above is wrong. You can download jDownloader here:

  7. Zippyshare is quite good compared to most….as well as concurrent multiple downloads and quick!

  8. Downloading with Mega and Medifire works like a charm, files seem to stay long aswell. and also works well for me, for downloading at least, don’t have any experience with mass uploading, sorry

  9. would love to see more Japan and Sylvian related posts please if we’re back in the 80’s – even re-ups of old stuff would be great cheers!
    Love the site, always good for a daily read!

  10. So I’m going to stick with Zippy using the right click “Save as” tip. I have 25 gig’s of files on there already so it’ll be a pain to migrate things over to another host. I also put a link to mega, so people have an option. (like the good old days!)

  11. Ross de la Vega | Reply

    Mega stays the longest. Just don’t name your files by the artist or title.

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