Bomb The Bass Feat. Justin Warfield ‎– Bug Powder Dust / Absorber (Promo 12″)


A rarity I ripped from vinyl a while back but not had a chance to share. From 1995 and with some well respected remixers, Kruder & Dorfmeister , Jedi Knights and The Chemical Brothers. Not sure there is much Mr. Warfield on these mixes, if any! So expect retro/electro by the Jedi Knights. Huge breaks on over the rap by The Chemical Brothers, when they were good. K & D go interplanetary on their dubby trip hop.

Stoned Heights ‎– 12BRW 324DJstoned

A1 Bug Powder Dust (Kruder & Dorfmeister Session Tm) 7:24
A2 Bug Powder Dust (Kruder & Dorfmeister Session Tm Instrumental) 6:22
A3 Bug Powder Dust (Chemical Brothers Mix) 7:01
B1 Absorber (Jedi Knights Mix Part I) 6:42
B2 Absorber (Jedi Knights Mix Part II) 3:23
B3 Absorber 5:35


  1. Gene · May 4, 2017

    Awesome and rare. Tim Simonon is half-genius. Shame Depeche didn’t hire him after Ultra and deal for ages with stupid morons producing stupid sounds. And K&D are half-geniuses too. Especially their remixes for DM’s Useless and Lamb’s Trans Fatty Acid

  2. Stephen Scott · October 6

    OMFG I adore this track – only I’ve only ever heard the album version (Australia was a bit slow on the uptake of dance music at the time and I don’t recall ever seeing a 12″ release). Downloading and can’t wait to devour!

  3. ** Mike B.** · October 6

    Australia was behind and they still are, especially with some of the Aussie band reissues, un-freaking-believable!! I think I may have this as well could be the same mixes (not sure) anyway — good stuff !!

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