Killing Joke ‎– The Pandemonium Single (US 12″)

When Killing Joke really embraced the trend for industrial techno. No less than 5 mixes starting with Waxworth Industries (Matt Austin and Clive Charlett) kicking off with an almost trip hop vibe and with an extra verse. (for fans info) Cybersank (Sanken Sandqvist) keeps all the industrial driven guitar and the original song structure and Youth’s amazing bass playing. The “Dragonfly Mix” by Martin Freeland goes off on a Goa Trance journey. The final mix was done by Greg Hunter and Youth, short and experimental and more trippy than a trippy thing.


Zoo Entertainment ‎– 72445-14178-1SAM_4476

A1 Pandemonium (Waxworth Industries Mix)
A2 Pandemonium (Cybersank Edit)
B1 Pandemonium (Cybersank Extended Remix)
B2 Pandemonium (Dragonfly Mix)
B3 Pandemonium (Nu-Clear Shredded Fibres Mix)

Econoline Rush – Nowhere Now (US Promo 12″)

Amping up the guitars a bit tonight but keeping an industrial age is this band from Canadian rock band. Featuring Trevor Hurst (vocals) Robbie Morfitt (guitarist), Ziggy Zigmond (guitarist), Ken Fleming (bass) and Robert Wagner (drums, percussion) Being out of Vancover gets the duo of Greg Reely and Rhys Fulber (Frontline Assembly) to provide the mixes. Some nice techno strings and electronics go along side some heavy shredding provide a crossover sound that Pitchshifter and Gravity Kills were doing.

Definite similarities to “Love Like Blood” by Killing Joke in the chorus, in a good way.


Nettwerk ‎– NTSPRO 9605eco

A1 Nowhere Now (Pharm Fresh Mix) 5:25
A2 Nowhere Now (Burning Chrome Instrumental Mix) 6:28
B1 Nowhere Now (Burning Chrome Mix) 6:28
B2 Nowhere Now 4:18

The Fatima Mansions ‎– The Only Solution: Another Revolution (US 12″)

An American only release from 1991 that sneaks out their famous, “Blues For Ceausescu” over the Atlantic without mentioning it on the sleeve!! Grungy rock produced with Ralph Jezzard it’s almost industrial. The mixes are more electronic; plenty of sweary samples on “Chemical Cosh”. (fans of Rob Zombie would love this!) The “Only Solution Mix” is worth a listen for fans of the Indie dance crossover, far superior than the album version.

Radioactive ‎– RAR12-54152chemical

A1 Blues For Ceausescu (Only Solution Mix) 5:56
A2 Blues For Ceausescu (LP Version) 6:09
B1 Chemical Cosh (Scream Mix) 3:54
B2 Chemical Cosh (LP Version) 1:40

The Y-Key Operators – Oxygen


Good friends of mine who have been working so hard over the last few years, honing their unique sound and beavering away in the studio. They have just released this track, “Oxygen”, as a bit of a taster from their soon to be released new album. A definite 80’s feel to it, driving bass, spikey guitars, solid, “real” drums and lovely keyboards. Sold?

Spread the love! Any feedback much appreciated!

The Godfathers ‎– Unreal World (12″)

Prophetic song from 1991 and the London based Godfathers giving it an old fashioned, Mod attitude rock but ,alas, ignored by the listening public, probably due to not having a trendy image. Powerful, no nonsense lyrics and driving twin guitar. Quality b-side with a smoother guitar sound. The B-side is backed by a couple of live tracks taken from the Town & Country Club’s 5th Birthday Festival, Alexandra Palace, London. A legendary live band they rip through, “This Damn Nation” (from 1986) has the anger of The Clash all over it.


Epic ‎– 656648 6Unrealfrontcov

A1 Unreal World 4:07
A2 Something Good About You 4:20
Bl This Is Your Life 4:00
B2 This Damn Nation 2:55

The Fatima Mansions ‎– The Loyaliser (12″)

My new favourite 90’s band. Off Cathal Coughlan’s last album where he is joined by Nick Allum, (drums and guitar) Hugh Bunker, (bass) Nick Bagnell (keys) and Andrías Ó Grúama (guitar and ex Zerra 1) Mad Irish Alternative Rock.

Inventive and just that right amount of quirkiness with electronics. The main track is mixed by King Of Goa Techno, Juno Reactor, giving it a suitable rock/industrial dance edge. A massive slab of progressive techno. The other side has the normal version plus the amazingly titled, “Gary Numan’s Porshe” it’s all about the stinging lyrics with Coughlan.  A vastly under-rated band.


Kitchenware Records ‎– SKX 67loyaliserfrontcov

A Into Thinner Air With The Loyaliser (Juno Reactor Mix) 7:23
B1 The Loyaliser 3:14
B2 Gary Numan’s Porsche 4:11
B3 Arnie’s Five 3:55

The Stone Roses ‎– Fools Gold: The Remixes (US 12″)

Okay, so sometimes the posts we put up on here are not CD standard…..that’s why this blog is still here (the Man would have shut us down ages ago!). We rip from vinyl with all it’s inconsistencies of quality to share stuff you might of missed. So please don’t come on here moaning about the quality, as if you actually bought the bloody thing in the first place. We offer a nostalgic trip through vinyl not remastered ,the pristine condition stuff you can buy yourselves.

So on with this 1999 set of remixes of The Roses classic, varied enough for a revisit and in some cases it is more refreshing than the rather ploding original. Tampa based “Rabbit In The Moon” give it a solid dance floor base with added psychedelia, it’s got that missing piece of vocal ‘what yer doing? you’ve all gone mad’ which you can’t really hear on the original. Great stuff!

NEW LINK! (Before it goes again!)

Jive Electro ‎– 01241-42579-1fools.jpg


A The Stone Roses vs. Rabbit In The Moon Fools Gold (Rabbit In The Moon’s Message To The Majors) 9:42
B1 The Stone Roses vs. Grooverider Fools Gold (Grooverider’s Mix) 6:37
B2 The Stone Roses vs. Rabbit In The Moon Fools Gold (Rabbit In The Moon’s Straight Beat Pyrite Dub) 7:35

David Bowie ‎– Jump They Say (US 12″)


From 1993 and Bowie really embracing the dancefloor on this US 12″. Brothers In Rhythm lead the mixes with a nice progressive house mix of the track. It proves that he had his finger on the pulse even when the album it was from , “Black Tie White Noise” , didn’t do much. This was the lead single from that album and dealt with Bowie’s feelings for his schizophrenic half-brother Terry, who had committed suicide on 16 January 1985. The lyrics tell of a man pushed to utter desperation by the pressure put on him, all wrapped up Nile Rodger’s funk influenced production. So here as well as Brothers In Rhythm, Leftfield, Meat Beat Manifesto and James Earley are granted mixes. (MBM remixes “Pallas Athena”) Still weird hearing his vocals over some pretty decent dance backing, his saxophone playing is excellent with Rodgers on guitar, plenty of mixes to pick through too but Leftfield’s is something special.


Savage Records ‎– 74785-50042-1jump

A1 Jump They Say (Brothers In Rhythm Mix) 8:24
A2 Jump They Say (Leftfield Remix) 7:41
A3 Jump They Say (JAE-E Remix) 5:32
B1 Jump They Say (Brothers In Rhythm Edit) 3:54
B2 Jump They Say (Dub Oddity Remix) 6:13
B3 Pallas Athena (Don’t Stop Praying Remix) 5:36

The Prodigy ‎– Poison (US Promo 12″)

So a very, very clear Rip from vinyl of this classic from The Prodigy, their last single from “Music for the Jilted Generation.”  I used to smash out to this on the dance floor to this back in 1995.  Immense stuff from member Maxim Reality with his lead rap. Some mixes here are refreshingly nice to hear.


Mute ‎– MUS1-0poison

A1 Poison (95 EQ) 6:15
A2 Poison (’95 Edit) 4:01
B1 Rat Poison 5:32
B2 Poison (Environmental Science Dub Mix) 6:23

Information Society ‎– What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) ’98 Mixes (US 12″)


A 10th Anniversary Remix release from the much maligned Cleopatra label and their roster of artists. Cleopatra was always a love and hate relationship for me having religiously bought many CD’s in the late 90’s from them. Sometimes excellent releases but often a lot of repetitious filler. Just like these 4 mixes, some work some just don’t……you decide! Bubbling Acid House from David J (Bauhaus bassist). Tinny repetitive techno from Girl Eats Boy (Lol Hammond from the Drum Club). Vocoder rave breakbeat from Christian B and Darren Krammer. The pick being from coldwave duo Exhibition and Judson Leach, some nice synth orchestra and guitar, it keeps the song relatively intact.

The vocal sample “Pure Energy” is from Spock off the T.V. series “Star Trek”

Cleopatra ‎– CLP 0327SAM_6159

A1 What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) (Remixed By Christian B. / Daren Kramer For CKB)
A2 What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) (Remixed By Justin Leach And Exhibition)
B1 What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) (Girl Eats Boy Mix)
B2 What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) (Remixed By David J. Of Love & Rockets)