Mansun ‎– Taxlo$$ (Remixes) (12″)

One I have and ripped many moons ago but kindly getting resurfaced by Mike B. From 1997 and with some great remixes especially the progress trance of John ’00’ Fleming that works in a kind of day-glo, hands-in-air stylee (if a bit of a speeded up!) Lisa Marie Experience is more housed up with a driving “real” bassline, great stuff and surprisingly not sounding too dated.

My favourite is the weird, dubby trip-hop of the Italian producer, Gaudi . Even with a cheesy Casio rhythm playing in the background. I’d forgotten how long the album version was and how inventive Mansun were, embracing the technology and mixing up the styles.

Love the video BTW 🙂 Greeed!

NEW LINK 2017!!

A1 Taxloss (John ’00’ Fleming Remix)
A2 Taxloss (Album Version)
B1 Taxloss (Lisa Marie Experience Remix)
B2 Taxloss (Gaudi Remix)

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