Inspiral Carpets – Two Worlds Collide (Promo 12″)

A bit of a forgotten gem from 1992 and from the height of the Madchester scene. Here on a Mute Promo this is an absolute cracker from one of the best voices in Manchester, Tom Hingley. Some interesting mixes but not from the usual Mute roster of producers and artists even though the single is a remix by Pascal Gabriel. Philipp Erb (Oui 3, Psychic TV) gives us a faithful to the original dub version with some parts not evident in the other versions of the song (backing vocals, guitar stuff) Now on to Mike Pickering’s mixes (under the M People name! Never knew they did anything with the Inspirals) Again not too shabby or ruined bit of extra electronics and percussion, give it a try.


RIP Craig Gill, their drummer who died last year. 😦


Mute ‎– P12Dung 17Tinspire

A1 Two Worlds Collide (7″ Mix)
A2 Two Worlds Collide (Philipp Erb Dub Edit)
B1 Two Worlds Collide (M People Mix)
B2 Two Worlds Collide (M People Dub Mix)

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