Stabbing Westward ‎– Lies (US Promo 12″)

Nice to be putting up some Industrial Rock on here thanks to be being currently in 90’s mode.

From 1994 and the second single release from Chicago based Stabbing Westward from the album, “UnGod”. The early line up was Christopher Hall (vocals, keyboards who went on to be in The Dreaming like most of them), Walter Flakus (keyboards), Jim Sellers (bass), Stuart Zechman (guitars, bass), and David Suycott (drums)

The “Hello Kitty Mix”, mixed by the band, spaces everything out in a trippy sort of way with treated vocals. Roli Mosimann breaks out the synths and sequencers on his mixes, driving the riffs along. The “FX Mix” could even get a airing in normal clubs, the edges being slightly polished and blunted. The very long “Club Mix = Power” is a bit of a painful dirge, done by Grind-corer, James Plotkin. Uncompromising.


ColumbiaSAM_9818 ‎– CAS 6075

A1 Lies (Hello Kitty Mix) 8:22
A2 Lies (FU Mix) 6:21
A3 Lies (FX Mix) 7:10
B1 Lies (Club Mix = Power) 11:02
B2 Lies (Album Version) 4:45

5 thoughts on “Stabbing Westward ‎– Lies (US Promo 12″)”

  1. WOW, I never realized there was a James Plotkin remix. O.L.D. is my second most favorite GRINDCORE band of all time (after Napalm Death of course) … can’t wait to hear this … saw Stabbing Westward open for Depeche in the 90s and was quite impressed!

  2. Hey djjedredy, saw your message on the last re-uppage post to give you another request if a re-up request hasn’t emerged so here it is!

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