Killing Joke ‎– The Pandemonium Single (US 12″)

When Killing Joke really embraced the trend for industrial techno. No less than 5 mixes starting with Waxworth Industries (Matt Austin and Clive Charlett) kicking off with an almost trip hop vibe and with an extra verse. (for fans info) Cybersank (Sanken Sandqvist) keeps all the industrial driven guitar and the original song structure and Youth’s amazing bass playing. The “Dragonfly Mix” by Martin Freeland goes off on a Goa Trance journey. The final mix was done by Greg Hunter and Youth, short and experimental and more trippy than a trippy thing.


Zoo Entertainment ‎– 72445-14178-1SAM_4476

A1 Pandemonium (Waxworth Industries Mix)
A2 Pandemonium (Cybersank Edit)
B1 Pandemonium (Cybersank Extended Remix)
B2 Pandemonium (Dragonfly Mix)
B3 Pandemonium (Nu-Clear Shredded Fibres Mix)

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