The Y-Key Operators – Oxygen


Good friends of mine who have been working so hard over the last few years, honing their unique sound and beavering away in the studio. They have just released this track, “Oxygen”, as a bit of a taster from their soon to be released new album. A definite 80’s feel to it, driving bass, spikey guitars, solid, “real” drums and lovely keyboards. Sold?

Spread the love! Any feedback much appreciated!

2 thoughts on “The Y-Key Operators – Oxygen”

  1. Definitely an awesome start to this band and if they follow suit, it will be a great album.
    The only group of a brief similarity, (hope I’m on the same page with some) is that in the beginning with the voice to be almost close with a few killing Joke songs, then I thought it may be close to another band called Cut Copy and 1 other ?? The voice still has me trying to match it up with a couple other bands but I cannot recall them at all. I’ll respond later with those or anything else later. Sounds Excellent!!
    Still thinking of similarities though, and keeps me wondering…….


    I wish there were more bands like this now! Similarities abound from New Order to Inspiral Carpets … but still a very unique style … catchy melody and great delivery!

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