Jellyfish – The King Is Half – Undressed (12″)

Jellyfish were a very 70’s rock influenced American band, with plenty of Queen-like elements. From 1992 and taken from the album, “Bellybutton” they are the epitome of underrated bands. This track mixes in XTC with the Beach Boys, too happy for peoples ears at the height of grunge. I’m getting plenty of Manic Street Preachers flavour here too. “Playing Sarah” is more keyboard led and was off the album, the closing track and has those Queen-like elements. “The Man I Used To Be” sounds a bit ELO with plenty of orchestra and another album track.

Charisma ‎– cust1

A1 The King Is Half Undressed
B1 Calling Sarah
B2 The Man I Used To Be


  1. Carl Doherty · April 11, 2017

    Two sparkling albums and a great live band as well. Half the original lineup has been in Beck’s band for a while now.

  2. Matt · May 12, 2017

    Thanks for sharing this. I heard of them but never listened to them. I’m gonna seek out their other releases now.

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