Tunes From Oz and Beyond – Part 6 (late ’80s)

Hunters & Collectors – Throw Your Arms Around Me (US Promo 12″)

Gritty Oz Rock now, invoking the dark side of the outback. This was from the 1986 album, “Human Frailty” from Melbourne’s Hunters & Collectors. Here with a couple of mixes of the album tracks by Ivan Ivan (who remixed Big Pig at the time)

The main track was co-produced with Glaswegian producer, Gavin MacKillop. (General Public) Reminds me of early R.E.M. , a real heartfelt love song. So onto the “dance mixes” of some previous single releases, don’t worry Ivan Ivan has just beefed everything up and adding a little of his own electronic dusting. “Is Anybody Out There?” is a great bass-driven groover. Whilst “Say Goodbye” brings out that signature brass section. For fans of Spear Of Destiny.

I.R.S. Records ‎– L33-17225hunt

A Throw Your Arms Around Me 3:55
B1 Say Goodbye (Extended Dance Mix) 5:44
B2 Is There Anybody In There? (Extended Dance Mix)

Tim Finn – No Thunder, No Fire, No Rain (German 12″)

Some solo stuff from Crowded Houses, Tim Finn. New Zealander Finn gives us a bit of an Eco song with bombast production from Nick Launey. First single from his second solo album, “Big Canoe.” It was inspired from Bhopal gas tragedy and is such haunting song. B-side is “Searching The Streets” starts with a fanfare of horns and was an album taster, an uptempo rock track, for the car!

Nice string section on that main track, enhanced on the extended version.

Virgin ‎– 608 094finn[

A1 No Thunder, No Fire, No Rain (Extended Mix) 6:48
B1 No Thunder, No Fire, No Rain 4:06
B2 Searching The Streets 4:50

Machinations – Do To You (LTD Edition Aussie 12″)

From 1987 and 3 mixes. The sound of Aussie dance/funk music and very Prince-like. Horns abound as does female backing vocals. Remixes by Mark Berry with Paul Kosky to give it that New York Club sound. The best mix is the first on, the “Slam Jam” is more a Bonus Beats mix.

White Label Records ‎– X 14530mach

A Do To You (Fresh Berry Mix)
B1 Do To You (Jam & Cream Mix)
B2 Do To You (Slam Jam Mix)

Models – Let’s Kiss (Aussie 12″)

Back to 1986 and a offering from Models. Recorded at the legendary Sarm studios in London with production and remix by Julian Mendelsohn. Rock Pop with plenty of horns, organ and 80’s cowbell. (and reverb)

B-side “Gravity” funks along nicely in a weird sort of way. Where they metamorphosing into INXS by this time ?

Mushroom ‎– X-14454kiss

A Let’s Kiss (Extended Mix)
B1 Let’s Kiss (Instrumental)
B2 Gravity

Eurogliders – Groove (Aussie 12″)

Rock funk crossover with no less than 5 mixes, gradually getting more electronic as the mixes progress. From the 1988 album , “Absolutely.” The B-side is a suite of mixes, the “Whisper Mix” mixes 808 drum machine with baby wailing (!?) “Touchwood” has elements of Grace Jones with some dirty bass synths. The “Rhino Mix” goes back to rock and was probably recorded as a studio session.

Columbia ‎– 12CXP-3076SAM_7064

A1 Groove (Extended Mix) 6:15
A2 Groove (Alternative Mix) 7:11
Groovethang (Nightmare On Hargrave Street) 17:56
B1.1 Groove (Whisper Mix)
B1.2 Touchwood
B1.3 Groove (Rhino Mix)

Max Q – Way Of The World (US 12″)

The collaboration between Aussie electronic whiz, Ollie Olsen and Michael Hutchence. From 1989 and combining social commentary, news soundbites, dance beats and a great vocal performance by Hutchence.

Todd Terry does his stuff on the mixes with that familiar house groove, “Zero-2-0” brings back memories hearing that riffing guitar once more. What a great track that “Ghost Of The Year” is!

Like a lot of the stuff on this blog not on i tunes so very rare.

Atlantic ‎– 0-86317SAM_7006

A Way Of The World (12″ Mix) 4:37
B1 Way Of The World (LP Version) 4:06
B2 Zero-2-0 (Todd Terry Mix) 4:20
B3 Ghost Of The Year (Todd Terry Mix)

Midnight Oil – King Of The Mountain (Aussie 12″)

Going to sneak this even though it’s from 1990! From the album, “Blue Sky Mining” Nick Launey provides the remixes for this typical oily rocker from them. A live, street recording of Lennon’s “Instant Karma” is a fun addition.

CBS ‎– 656125 6SAM_0206

A King Of The Mountain (Mountain Mix)
B1 Instant Karma
B2 King Of The Mountain


Big Pig – Iron Lung (LTD Aussie 12″)

From 1988 and back to electronica and Australia’s answer to Finitribe/Age Of Chance. Electro rock that throws in harmonica and a fine diva performance from Sherine Abeyratne; this was off the album “Bonk”. Mixed by Oleh Wilter and Doug Brady from the production of Nick Launey. It’s almost EBM (with all the metal bashing) with bits of acid squelches and bird tweets (!?)

White Label Records ‎– X13349iron

A Iron Lung (Pig Iron Mix) 7:23
B1 Iron Lung (Fraught Iron Mix) 4:04
B2 Iron Lung (Cast Iron Mix) 3:29
B3 Iron Lung (Warm Iron Mix) 3:29


Redgum – The Very Best Of (Aussie Vinyl LP)

(Hopefully through Mike’s shares I have shown the rich diversity of styles that were being produced on the other side of the world in the 80’s.)

Now for some typical Oz pub rock!! Honest and heartfelt with plenty of Aussie references. This compilation was from 1987. From discogs

“Redgum were formed in 1975 when three students at Flinders University, John Schumann, Michael Atkinson and Verity Truman, collaborated for a musical assessment piece for their Politics and Art course. The trio quickly gained fame around the University community for their forthright songs, and by 1976 had been joined by violinist Chris Timms (also attended Flinders University). The group were soon in demand for parties, pubs and rallies throughout South Australia and Victoria. Initially a part-time band, performing weekends and school holidays (two members were teachers), it was only after they released their second album, Virgin Ground (late 1980), to strong sales and critical acclaim, that the group became full-time and started touring nationally.”

Tongue-firmly in cheek, the political satire of “The Drover’s Dog” is a definite an highlight. Whilst “Running The Hurricane” is a 80’s New Wave as you can get.

J & B Records ‎– JB 305SAM_4799

A1 Roll It On Robbie
A2 I Was Only 19 (A Walk In The Light Green)
A3 I’ve Been To Bali Too
A4 The Drover’s Dog
A5 Asio
A6 Friday Night
A7 Just Another Moment On Your Own
A8 Running With The Hurricane
B1 Caught In The Act
B2 The Diamantina Drover
B3 Gladstone Pier
B4 Spirit Of The Land
B5 Brown Rice And Kerosine
B6 Talk
B7 Yarralummla Wine
B8 Virgin Ground




  1. Tom · April 5, 2017

    Thank you SOOOOO much for these!!

  2. RA Feutz · April 6, 2017

    Lovin’ these Aussie posts! Thanks for including more Models material. I’ve been trying to recreate the Models cassette ‘Out Of Mind…’ It featured a full side of extended remixes etc. Also, the cover for ‘Let’s Kiss’ is the same cover they used for the US release of ‘Cold Fever’. Thanks again!

    • *Mike B.* · April 6, 2017

      Just sharing some wonders from Down Under here (Thanks To Djjedredy for doing this and hope some joy and education is out there for some!!).

      R.A. Feutz, That marketing system really likes to mess with people some times. Covers, track listing, the order of songs sometimes gets reversed or has songs left out & so on..

      The cassette you speak of I have (US Version w/mixes), and the Models Albums Aussie Branded for CD’s & vinyl as well. Models album Media on vinyl. Rest CD’s & mixes

      Few more to come after the 90’s here. Any requests from ANYONE!!
      Feel free and I’ll check into it

  3. MATT · April 30, 2017

    Looks like a great collection of music awaits me in this post alone.

  4. Neil Kelly · February 17

    Please re-up Max Q

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