Tunes From Oz And Beyond- Part 5 (1985 -86)

Back to this series with a few known and not so well known bands from Down Under.

Divinyls – Pleasure And Pain (US Promo 12″)

A gentle guitar chugger with the wonderfully gravelly voice of the late Crissy Amphlett. Co-written and given the BIG Production and remix by Mike Chapman with writer Holly Knight. The instrumental is more of a dub mix whilst the main combines the styles of Pat Benatar and Blondie.

Chrysalis ‎– VAS 2226SAM_7146

A Pleasure And Pain 5:58
B Pleasure And Pain (Instrumental) 6:25

Models – Cold Fever (Aussie 12″)

A rock groove dominates this track, with the main track produced by Mike Opitz and mixed by David Nicholas, Studio owner from Sydney. Lots of horns and interesting percussion and a catchy chorus. Altogether a great 3 tracks here with the others being mixed by Nick Launey giving it that twanging bass that appeared in many Big Country records.


Mushroom ‎– X 14257SAM_5467

A Cold Fever (Remix)
B1 No Talking
B2 God Bless America (12″ Version)

Mondo Rock – Boom Baby Boom (US 12″)

From 1986 and more Party Rock Tunes from the well established Aussie band, Mondo Rock led by Ross Wilson. The title track of the album and given a couple of tech rock mixes by Freddy Bastone over the production Bill Drescher , meaty stuff! An added bonus is a special version of the album track , “Primitive Love Rites” which I really like in a “Footloose” kinda way…must check out that album.

Columbia ‎– 44 06890boom

A1 Boom Baby Boom (Extended Club) 5:23
A2 Boom Baby Boom (Dub) 5:55
B1 Boom Baby Boom (Single Version) 3:54
B2 Primitive Love Rites (Club Version) 4:54

Divinyls – Sleeping Beauty (Aussie 12″)

More Divinyls from ’85 and the follow up to “Pleasure And Pain” (see above) This also see’s the same production act of Mike Chapman and Mark Opitz. Bright guitars jangle along and with a very un-instrumental instrumental version, plenty of swirling organ. This was off their second album, “What A Life!” B-side is much more quirky, sounding like early Pretenders.

Chrysalis ‎– X 14259sleeping

A Sleeping Beauty (Re-Mix)
B1 Motion
B2 Sleeping Beauty (Instrumental)

Olivia Newton-John – Toughen Up (US 12″)

Pure synthpop from Australia’s first lady of pop, Olivia Neutron Bomb. From 1986 and probably trying to cash in on the success of Madonna and Debbie Gibson by hiring John “Jellybean” Benitez to provide the latin tinged remixes, grooving on an addictive bassline.

NEW LINK 2017!!

Sorry fans……

MCA Records ‎– MCA-23606olivia

A Toughen Up (Dance Remix) 8:07
B Toughen Up (Instrumental Remix) 5:20

Machinations – The Big Beat (Aussie Compilation LP)

Last but by no means least, from 1986 and good old fashioned New Wave Dance from Sydney based Machinations. This compilation brings some of their hits as extended versions. More club orientated, the vocals tend to be cut up. For fans of true 80’s remixes with some excellent basslines

White Label Records ‎– L 20051


A1 One Closer Step
A2 No Say In It
A3 Execution Of Love
A4 Pressure Sway
B1 My Hearts On Fire
B2 Jumping The Gap
B3 You Got Me Going Again



13 responses

  1. Where’s Olivia??? :O I’m sure you’re just testing us… 😉

  2. not sure if she was Australian but do you have Fiona Franklyn- Busted up on love 12″

  3. Thanks for posting Machinations and bringing them to a wider audience – a superb and underrated band

  4. Totally missed this Models 12 inch. It seems the link you had has been lost. Any chance of a re-up? Thanks!!!

    1. Back up! As is Part 6 😉

      1. Excellent! Thanks again!

  5. I miss the Divinyls please can re up? I love this track and never could find it before, thanks in advance

    1. forgt it, I just can downloaed, maybe was my internet the error. thanks!

    2. I think they’re are back up 🙂

  6. Can you re up the Olivia Newton John link?

    1. Done this one! 😉

      1. I love the Divinyls one. I only knew them from their one big hit. I didn’t know they sounded like this. I guess it’s time to check out their 80s albums. Thanks

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