Comateens ‎– Get Off My Case (Remix) (US Promo 12″)

More Comateens from 1983 (again) with the funky “Get Off My Case.” They retweeted my last post by them which is kind of cool. Check out their website here (looking in rude health)

Love the live jam feel to this, way ahead of it’s time.

“I’m all choked up I have to leave”

Included on here is the “dub mix of the month” again by Duke Bootee (Ed Fletcher from the Sugar Hill label and a Furious Five member) mixing up the genre’s really well.  LCD Soundsystem, !!!, Clap Your Hands And Say Yeh! (All must have been taking notes!) Some say this was House music before it became House!!!

NEW LINK 2019!q3JnwaaD!ft_I5DMTPvPOcmWnnx2auR6Fzg0Tn4dwLfRxwpruTG0

Mercury ‎– 814 079-1SAM_9076

A – Get Off My Case (Remix) – 5:00

B – Get Off My Case (Dub) – 5:00

3 thoughts on “Comateens ‎– Get Off My Case (Remix) (US Promo 12″)”

  1. That’s all the Comateens I have and thanks to Dave Kendall on Party 360 for playing this a few weeks ago! This should have been my first purchase!

    Still love all the obscure not so big new wave bands as you may know. I’m sure there is more to come across, I just haven’t got there yet!!

    Must have been concentrating on the bigger bands and never knew about them or never dug deeper for more obscure bands.

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