Black – Wonderful Life (Original Release) (12″)

2000 f****king posts!! Months/years of my time spent. 592,012 views (at last look), 56 followers throughout the world, 1,645-best daily view, averaging around 900 a day.

So what to put on to mark this, my milestone ????

Can’t say I’ve prepared anything. What with at least 3 more “Tunes From Oz and Beyond” posts to put up. About 30 really interesting twelves from the 90’s, Mike “money’s-no-object” B providing the rarest slabs of vinyl this side of Jupiter and the few comments I do get (mostly requests!) it has been a blast! Thanks!


So last year this man died, unexpectedly and suddenly, amongst a raft of other great musical loses. For me his death was the most poignant as I had followed his career from the start. Seeing him develop from a synth influenced New Waver to an accomplished, folk infused troubadour. I met him a few years back and got this signed, shared a few sincere words of gratitude and departed, box ticked. He has the most lump in throat to song ratio of anyone I listen to.

From 1986 and in terms of stuff already on here it ain’t worth much (too me that doesn’t matter) but contains three great tracks recorded in a rawer state. The honesty of “Wonderful Life”, “Birthday Night” a personal favourite. The New Romanticism of “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” completes the trio.

Ugly Man Records ‎– JACK 1black

A Wonderful Life 4:50
B1 Birthday Night 5:10
B2 Everything’s Coming Up Roses 4:04

16 responses

  1. Congratulations on 2k posts. Here’s to many more

    1. Cheers Sir Ted Of The Acid!

  2. Well it amazing how time flies and contributions from me are always a pleasure to share on this blog community (Regardless of decades, mixes, & originals!!).
    Sorry it is a time consumer but if I had the chance I wouldn’t (well maybe…!) have a blog.

    Hope my last 90’s batch is in the bank with you containing some Killing Joke, Dead or Alive, ABC & more…

    The Aussie tunes, hope all are enjoying them (Especially You! – Djjedredy!). yes a TON of 80’s to come still for the blog & followers!!

    1. Mike we have the most diverse and rare 80’s blog on the entire web…..i defy anyone to challenge us !

  3. Congrats on 2000 posts and huge thanks to you and Mike for your hard work and dedication!

    1. Thanks Phil keep on tuning in!

  4. Hey Djjedredy

    Congratulations on the milestone, and for marking it with this very special post.

    I’d lost sight of Black some years ago, and was surprised and delighted to see his crowd-funding campaign pop up in my feed. I happily pledged to get a signed copy of the CD, and sent him a message to wish him the best. He replied, and we had a brief, friendly, thoughtful exchange. That was the man – thoughtful & caring to his fans, and grateful for them. It was touching that he was slightly stunned by the response to that campaign. It rekindled my fandom, and I started filling in the gaps in my collection. The album came out, it got great reviews, and then that news. The worst possible news. “Blind Faith” seems in retrospect a lovely and proper album title, and swansong. Thanks for remembering him, and maybe it will encourage others to rediscover his music.

  5. Congratulations! Always looking forward to your selections and enjoying your write-ups! Keep it up 🙂

    1. Thanks mate. I’ll try and keep e everything up !

  6. Congrats and thanks for making Black/Colin Vearncombe that honored post. I was brought to tears twice in January 2016 with the loss of two artists that were hugely important to me. Vearncombe had grown into a tender, emotional and mature singer songwriter over 35 years releasing best work, Blind Faith, in 2015. His loss was less covered but just as much of a gut punch for me as David Bowie’s passing.

    1. No problem. I needed to and thanks for your story about Colin.

  7. Congratulations! Thanks so much for all your work.

    1. Thank you for saying thanks!

  8. You dear Sir have one of the best blogs concerning 80s on the net.And i am not referring only to the ultra-rare music posted here ( although it sure does help ! ) I also find both the info you provide about the music and you personal insight both fun and educational . Keep up the good work and count this 40ish guy from Greece among your fans !

    1. Oh thanks Christos. Nothing wrong with being 40ish !

  9. Congrats! Appreciate all your efforts and always look forward to the gems you share.

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