Tunes From Oz and Beyond – Part 2 (1983)

This does take a while to compile but it’s enjoyable through the sheer variety of musical styles. Something for everyone but with a definite slant to New Wave / Synth stuff.

INXS – Dekadance (US Vinyl E.P.)

Early INXS and a re-issue of extended mixes. Love that they were quite synthy new wave back in 1983. Plenty of dub influences and before they went more rocky. My favourite E.P. by them after picking this up in a bargain bin back in Barrow back in the day, pissed all over Duran Duran!

ATCO Records ‎– 90115-1-A


A1 Black And White (Extended Version) 4:54
A2 To Look At You (Extended Version) 6:26
B1 The One Thing (Extended Version) 6:06
B2 Here Comes II (New Version) 3:27

In the same upload is this little gem……..

INXS – To Look At You (Aussie Gate Fold 7″)

Here you get the regular versions of some of the extended version. My new favourite track “To Look At You” simply rocks and I will definitely finding this on my DJ playlist. The instrumental “The Sax Thing” is just that, swinging away with layers of saxophone. The playful Doo-Woop of “You Never Used To Cry” performed by Jon Farriss.

WEA ‎– XS2To Look At You

Record 1 – ATo Look At You – 3:54

B – The Sax Thing – 2:58

Record 2 -C – You Never Used To Cry – 2:11

D – Here Comes II – 3:27




Jo Jo Zep – Losing Game (US Promo 12″)


So next up is the Maltese / Aussie singer, Jo Jo Zep (full name Joseph Vincent Camilleri) sounding a tad like Associates / Thompson Twins with Jellybean Benitez on remix duty. Very synthy with almost music box chimes and big piano.

It’s been recorded as a Flac therefore a big folder,sorry if that’s a problem.

A&M Records ‎– SP-17249SAM_5589

A Losing Game (Remixed Version) 5:53
B1 Losing Game (Edited Version) 3:56
B2 Losing Game (Instrumental Version) 4:37

Mi – Sex – Lost Time / Computer Games (Aussie 12″)

Antipodean synthpop from New Zealand’s Mi – Sex and from 1983 again. Led by Steve Gilpin, this sees former Prog rockers put down some of their guitars and pick up synths. Never heard of them before and it does tickle my Ultravox nerve. Their break through hit, “Computer Games”, appears here as a B-side and sounds like early Visage as it was released in 1979….essential synth.

CBS ‎– BA 12043lost

A1 Lost Time (Extended Dub Version)
B1 Computer Games (Dance Mix)

Steve Cummings – Backstabbers (Aussie 12″)

Soulful synthpop from Steve Cummings who used to be in the Melbourne band The Sports. Plenty of electronic drums on this and a cheesy chorus and a very squelchy bass but quite soulful, a cover version of the O’Jays song. I quite like the dreamy synth of “Hardly Working” Quite a different.

Regular Records ‎– RRT 610backed

A Backstabbers (Extended Dance Mix) 5:20
B1 Backstabbers 3:14
B2 Hardly Working 3:32

Real Life – Catching My Falling (Extended Mix) (LTD Aussie 12″)

Their most popular hit produced by Steve Hillage here in the ultimate extended version. Catchy as hell.

Still love that weird B-side , the anti-war synth anthem, “Exploding Bullets” (with extra echo effects)

RCA Limited Australia and New Zealand ‎– WRST 007catched

A1 Catch Me I’m Falling (Edit) 4:10
A2 Exploding Bullets (Extended Mix) 5:38
B Catch Me I’m Falling (Extended Mix) 5:52




  1. David Miller · March 16, 2017

    Is there a link for the two INXS recordings? I did not see one. Thanks!

    • - Mike B. - · March 16, 2017

      I believe, Djjedredy has it ! The Dekadance zip uncovers all !!

      • David Miller · March 18, 2017

        Got it; thanks all!

  2. happy monkey · March 16, 2017

    This is definitely an oddity from Jo Jo Zep – his previous band (Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons) was classic pub rock, and his next one (The Black Sorrows) rocked out with an accordion. Trust this blog to uncover his synth pop period 🙂

  3. - Mike B. - · March 16, 2017

    Yep I have FLAC’s for most recent (Past 6 Months or further).
    Djjedredy – Here is the MP3 for followers and for you for future re-ups !

  4. Ray · March 17, 2017

    Love the songs, love the Jo Jo in FLAC any others would be welcome. You can covert FLAC to mp3 easily but not the other way without losing quality.
    Great site Great posts Love it. Great People

  5. MATT · April 23, 2017

    Brilliant! Thanks

  6. Stephen Scott · October 8

    So much Aussie goodness – and I’ve never heard the INXS b-sides of To Look At You. Treasures!

  7. Neil Kelly · February 18

    Please re-up!!

  8. krawinke · June 19

    INXS and Real Life Links are down..THX for your Post

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