Gary Numan – Emotion (12″)

So it will be back to the 80’s then………thanks to all your votes!

Not before I put this up from a man who was actually having hits in the 70’s. Self produced and recorded at his own Outland studios this came out in 1991. Still searching for a new style before he discovered industrial metal. This has female backing vocals with dark synth-rock but with a cringe worthy commercial edge, it was off the album “Machine + Soul” (his 14th album)

So the track is basically Numan trying to do Janet Jackson (just look at the video) The sound of early 90’s samplers. The B-side is slightly better and darker, some different sounds but still a bloody guitar solo in there. The extra track is a semi-instrumental “Hanoi” – Blade Runner soundtrack stuff with Numan apparently speaking through a voice changer ?

Numa ‎– NUM 22
A – Emotion (Ext Mix) – 7:40
B1 –  In A Glasshouse –  4:12emotionfrontcov
B2 –  Hanoi –  2:06




  1. Furyboy · February 9, 2017

    Ahh yes Gary’s mid career nadir. And that’s before we get to the cover of Prince’s U Got The Look on the album………

    Although I have to say this was the period where I went to loads of concerts and had a great time! The fans christened the song Emulsion – some even bought paintbrushes along to the concerts. Machine and Soul the album is one to be avoided really, the song Machine and Soul isn’t bad and got a lot of remix treatment when it came out. The other single off the album The Skin Game is better but still Rhythm Nation influenced.

  2. MATT · February 12, 2017

    More Gary is always welcome. Thanks

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