Pet Shop Boys – DJ Culture / Music For Boys (LTD Promo & Remix 12″)

From 1991 and still sounding fresh today. The very prolific PSB’s and a lesser known hit which was on their “Discography” album and given a club edge by Brothers In Rhythm on top of Stephen Hague’s lush,orchestrated production. It’s all quite chilled and classy and concerns the insincerity of President George H. W. Bush’s speeches at the time of the First Gulf War, nicking a lot Winston Churchill’s wartime rhetoric. “Music For Boys” uses an old house riff and has not aged as well. housey -rave and cheesy crowd cheers. The definite “Part 2” is heaps better.


EMI USA ‎– V-56234pet

A1 DJ Culture (Extended Mix) 6:51
A2 DJ Culture (Short Version) 4:12
B1 Music For Boys 3:43
B2 Music For Boys (Part 2) 6:10

Also here is the Remix 12″ with another version of “Music For Boys” (remixed by the dust mask wearing Altern 8!) and the main track being remixed by contemporaries The Grid, a funkier remix with some lush synth. The gem of the bunch is the “Overture”, who never doubted that PSB where classy.


Parlophone ‎– 12RX 6301djculture

A DJ Culturemix 5:46
B1 Music For Boys (Part 3) 5:34
B2 Overture To Performance 6:15

10 thoughts on “Pet Shop Boys – DJ Culture / Music For Boys (LTD Promo & Remix 12″)”

  1. “Music For Boys” has aged alright, I think. One certainly can listen to it and think, er early 90’s pop ravey stuff however it has aged rather nicely to these ears.,,,certainly better than the career low of (NOT) Super will ever be able to hope to.

  2. I actually love MUSIC FOR BOYS way better now than back then … I guess I really always only loved the first two albums and, like with Depeche Mode and similar bands, I always hope they will return to that sound … I realize now that, for PSB, this was quite an experiment with sampling.

    Would you by any chance have the full CDM of ZHANA – SANCTUARY OF LOVE? The “Oh Yeah” sample in MFB is taken from that song.

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