Keoki – Majick (US Promo & Normal 12″)

I have a major problem with Dance Music in the 90’s, mainly because there was just so much of it and it varied in quality, also it was quite faceless; no one knew anything about the artist, it was just a tune and a label. Mike sent this over, released in 1996 and, luckily, sounding like it did back in the day. Progressive House with a European flavour with a cool  sounding voice instructing you to “Listen Up”. Add a little bit of vocoder and plenty of breakdowns. Liking the synths on the spacey “Cirrus Mix” the “Yum Yum” mix is more techno, the “Uberzone Mix” is the go to mix out of all of them.

From El – Salvador, George Lopez became a bit of an international star as Keoki. This is typical of the mid 90’s Dance scene, long journeys of squelching sound. Early Rave before Tiesto took over.

Moonshine Music ‎– MM 88441-1magic

A Majick (D’Still’D Remix)
B1 Majick (Uberzone Remix)
B2 Majick (Yum Yum Remix)


Moonshine Music ‎– MM 88439-1sam_4898

A Majick (Cirrus Remix)
B Majick (Stateside Remix)

2 thoughts on “Keoki – Majick (US Promo & Normal 12″)”

    1. Winx, you always come up with some killer places(for other mixes) and suggestions for stuff I should get, but passed up on. Thanks for that, I do not have this mix. As djjedredy would say, I’ll put it on my shopping list!

      You mentioned CD 2 of the La Habanera remix pack that may have (You have forgotten or never found it – Don’t worry). I have just purchased the 2nd vinyl to that remix pack.

      As mentioned yesterday on that post I will re-rip the other one and when Part 2 arrives get Pt. 2 done too and Djjedredy can when he can, post both as the official 2 x 12” mixes set.

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