Cabaret Voltaire – Keep On (Remixes) (12″)


It seems all the old 80’s band were dipping their toes into the early 90’s Dance scene. It can be said the Cabs actually invented some of the genres that emerged in the 90’s. This is the remix twelve which is classic techno. Most of the vocals are taken out and 808’s on overdrive.

The Sweet Exorcist mix is not by Richard H. Kirk and engineer Parrot as stated on the release. It’s a mix by Cabaret Voltaire called “Universe Works Mix”. The title was changed by the record company’s marketing division without permission. It still will test those speakers with those cone tickling frequencies. Derrik May does the other 2 mixes, the longer “Mayday” mix much more frenetic but leaves the hooks in. The “Sleazy Dog Mix” is slower and keeps the female vocals in.


Parlophone ‎– 12RX6250cabkeep

A Keep On (Sweet Exorcist Mix) 5:20
B1 Keep On (Sleazy Dog Mix) 5:36
B2 Keep On (Mayday Mix) 7:06

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