Seal – The Beginning (Remix) (12″)

From 1991 and the distinct Bleep-ology of Mark Moore adds an electronic element to this Seal track. The Dub has a great acoustic guitar strum to it with plenty of conga dabbling, again a top mix! Robin Hancock gets his teeth into the other mix, giving it a very Latin house feel, mmmmm not sure, weird Spanish woman speaking randomly over the top of the track in places, strange?

NEW LINK 2017 (again!)

ZTT ‎– ZANG 21 Tsealed

A The Beginning (Remix)
B1 The Beginning (Dub)
B2 The Beginning (Giro E Giro Mix)

3 thoughts on “Seal – The Beginning (Remix) (12″)”

  1. Damn, haven’t heard the dub and now it’s gone… And it’s my own fault of course, but still, if you could…? 😉 Quite amazed how active the “deleters” are…

      1. Maybe, but your reposts they seem to leave alone, strange… Anyway, really appreciated, as most of your posts, and a big thank you to Mike also of course, you both have really impressive collections!

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