Billy Idol ‎– Heroin (LTD Edition US Promo 2 X 12″)

Billy does dance via a Lou Reed cover and I love it. From 1993 and here in no less than 9 mixes. The original is the go to one mixing up the beats and guitars accompanying the husky voice of Idol and mixed (again) by Robin Hancock. The Overlords provide an industrial dance edge, keeping the vocals and making it suitably dark. The other mixes are by Jerry Garcia and the late  Guido Osorio range from Industrial-lite, Acid Rave, Accapella and House (Don’t Touch The Needle Mix with a funky flute riff) “Smack Attack” is the pick of the bunch with acid bleeps and added samples.


Chrysalis ‎– VV 24826billy

A1 Heroin (V.R. Heroin) 6:17
A2 Heroin (Original Mix) 6:59
A3 Heroin (Needle Park Mix) 5:12
B1 Heroin (Overlords Mix) 7:20
B2 Heroin (Nosebleed Mix) 8:04
C1 Heroin (Durga Trance Dub) 5:10
C2 Heroin (Durga Death Dub) 5:10
D1 Heroin (Don’t Touch That Needle Mix) 5:10
D2 Heroin (Smack Attack) 7:15

11 thoughts on “Billy Idol ‎– Heroin (LTD Edition US Promo 2 X 12″)”

  1. This is a rare set! I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard Heroin (Durga Death Dub). Any chance of a re-up please?

  2. Could I join Tom in his request for a re-up please ? Would really like to hear these. Thanxxx !!

  3. Oh, the best cover of all times. Seriously though, I do like the song, never understood all the fuss around. I do love the entire album, it was probably my most listened to album in the 90s.
    Would you by any chance have some of the 12” of Durga’s solo project, Blue Pearl’s original Mother Dawn song (which was also covered by Billy on Cyberpunk)?

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