Book Of Love – Counting The Rosaries (US 12″)


Okay it seems Mike would like a bit of feedback over his latest vinyl rip after being criticized over the quality of his rips by Crepajac (from Russia…..sorry Yugoslavian….er….Former Yugoslavian) who has been strangely quiet since his outburst last week.

He has had another tweek but in my opinion they sound as good as always.

Here is some info about the release.

From 1991 and helped on the remix by Ben Grosse. This is pure synth pop with the whimsical vocals of Lauren Roselli sitting alongside some nice heavy guitar samples and whistling that Kissing The Pink (The Last Film for all you 80’s fans) would be proud of! Best set of mixes on a 12″ from the past few weeks.

Note on the B-side, it actually samples a well known carol/hymn…..mad!


Sire ‎– 0-40240rosaries

A1 Counting The Rosaries (Full Confession Mix) 7:58
A2 Counting The Rosaries (Full Confession Dub) 5:53
B1 Counting The Rosaries (Happiness & Love Mix) 6:17
B2 Counting The Rosaries (Crying Angels Mix) 5:03
B3 Sunny Day (Heal Your Positive Body Mix) 6:04

6 thoughts on “Book Of Love – Counting The Rosaries (US 12″)”

  1. Thought you may like these mixes! More Book Of Love To Come (90’s) in a week or so.
    “Hunny Hunny” + “Chatterbox” remixes & “Pretty Boys & Pretty Girls”, also “Boy Pop” 12 inch mixes. 3 total for 90’s.

  2. First of all, I’m not from Russia, I’m from (ex) Yugoslavia, but that’s all the same for you Brits and Yanks, thanks to your educational system(s).
    Secondly, I went quiet because I know when someone is conceited and doesn’t accept a well-intentioned advice.
    If you both can’t hear what I noticed in Mike’s rips, any further discussion is pointless…

    1. Actually I think muffled may be a strong word. If anything it may have been trying to get rid of the hiss in some of the voices/vocals and/or the clarity maybe a bit more treble to clear it up a bit (not as dull). Thanks for liking my selections. This one here had a bit more of an adjustment.
      The deNoiser I really don’t use that much unless the rumble is bad then it will be a weak tweek. Other than that that, that is it. Don’t mean to be conceited. I’m an Aussie In the U.S.!! Just sharing my vinyl !!!

  3. WOW, Crepajac. Somebody is in a feisty mood. I have been to former YU a couple of times. I love the Adriatic Sea. Where are you from in YU?


    In regards to the rips, I think they are fine, but I am also not that picky (unless it’s a song that already has great production to begin with. For example, I really don’t need a FLAC rip of my favorite hardcore Punk albums … lol

    By the way, I really think you should start including your little notes in your archives, mainly because I am lazy and hate having to copy each one into each folder. But I really love your comments to each release!


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