Torch Song – Wish Thing (US Vinyl LP)

So the last 80’s vinyl for a while , or a month at least!

Linking nicely to the 90’s is a band that included the well respected producer, record label founder and artist, William Orbit. Also in the band was Mute producer and remixer Rico Conning.

Torch Song is another rare find from Mike B and comprised of  Laurie Mayer: vocals, Willam Orbit: instruments, Grant Gilbert: business co-ordination, Rico Conning: instruments. The sound was far, far ahead of its time using the latest sampling technology to produce 3 albums and a dozen singles mostly on the American I.R.S. Records label, then a home for guitar bands.

This was their debut from 1984 with all the staple sounds from the mid 80’s but crystal clear, the slap bass is fantastic. As mentioned already regards the differences between UK and US versions, the mixes of “Don’t Look Now”, “Tattered Dress” and “Sweet Thing” differ to those on the UK LP. There are loads of styles on here but it would be classified as synth pop/dance. Personal favourites are the pioneering sounds on “Prepare To Energise” and an audacious cover of Bobbie Gentry’s “Ode to Billie Joe.”

Not on CD yet!!! (but brilliantly copied from vinyl by Mike!)


I.R.S. Records ‎– SP 70045sam_3180

Don’t Look Now 6:47
Telepathy 4:22
Ode To Billy Joe 4:17
Another Place 4:05
Prepare To Energize 5:14
Tattered Dress 4:51
Sweet Thing 4:51
You Said You Were Coming 3:22
Water Clock Secrets 2:05

4 thoughts on “Torch Song – Wish Thing (US Vinyl LP)”

  1. Much appreciated djjedredy! Try to do my best with the digitizing.

    Despite the fun of driving and spending time in various record stores I have used discogs to pick a few 12’s’ up of the songs you have mentioned.
    Prepare to energize, Tattered Dress, & Don’t Look Now (When 80’s returns to this blog!)

    Millions of people in California and so few vinyl stores for happy finds. Discogs saves me!!

    Yes the Australian batch of rips is coming just waiting for my final shipment from down under (8 vinyl’s). Will include 7″s, 12″s & a couple of LP’s.

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