English Evenings – Tear You Down (12″)


More 80’s synth stuff from English Evenings (Lee Walsh & Graham Lee) using the hi-nrg beats, rock elements and a Phil Harding production. He was working with Dead Or Alive at the same time! In fact it was recorded in the same studio the same weekend! Apparently the band were upstairs in Marquee #2, Dead Or Alive were downstairs in #1. Pete Waterman came up to visit, as they we were old friends and had worked together before. He seemed to have heard something he liked and incorporated a little of it into the now famous DoA’s track !!!! By listening over again you can tell a mile off! “Rrr Rip it off” more like!

The “G.C.B.” is an instrumental version and I’m still getting FGTH “Relax” as well.The B-side is a slower synth ballad, very poppy and a bit sweet for these old ears.



Safari Records ‎– SAFE LS 64teared

A Tear You Down (Extended Version) 6:13
B1 Tear You Down (G.C.B. Mix) 5:15
B2 Gave You My Heart 3:19




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