Was (Not Was) ‎– The Boy’s Gone Crazy (12″)

And what seem’s the monthly dose of Was (Not Was) post- “Walk The Dinosaur.” from 1987.  This is synth enhanced funk with remixes by Bruce Forest and Frank Heller. Immaculate production and sound, the dub is a thing of beauty but is entirely instrumental, what a bass sound!!

The craziness is still there with the B-side, “What Up, Dog?” Off the album of the same name, ambient madness, go figure ?


Fontana ‎– 870 006-1wasboy

A The Boy’s Gone Crazy (Walk In The Black Forest Mix)
B1 The Boy’s Gone Crazy (A Dub In The Black Forest Mix)
B2 What Up, Dog?

Belouis Some – Let It Be You (US Promo 12″)

Poor old blonde-haired Belouis, floundering around in 1987 as record execs breathed down his neck for another hit like “Imagination”. What do we get ? A slab of 80’s pop funk with some studio trickery straight out of the “How To Make An 80’s Twelve Inch Mix” recipe book. Mix 2 is the most fun, adding more of that 80’s rock guitar. Produced by Gary Langan and his Fairlight and mixed by Phil Harding (Mix 2) and John Robie (Mix 1)

Massive in South Africa, apparently.



Capitol Records ‎– SPRO-79055some1

A Let It Be With You (Mix 1)
B Let It Be With You (Mix 2)

Flesh For Lulu ‎– Every Little Word (US 12″)

From 1989. Flesh For Lulu teamed up with Zeus B Held and ventured into the dreaded realms of Indie Dance, with NY Hit Factory engineer Alan Meyerson providing the remixes. Categorized as a Goth band that even Goth’s didn’t listen to; the follow up album to their greatest release, the ’87 album “Long Live The New Flesh,” was a bit of an identity crisis and would be one of their last, “Plastic Fantastic.” Written by band member and ex member of the punk band, Peter And The Test Tube Babies, it has psychedelic guitars over a dance beat. Great lyrics and the Radio mix is more in the usual style of the band, an underrated track.

“You tear your heart out for what you believe.”



Capitol Records ‎– V-15556sam_9913

A1 Every Little Word (Remix) 6:34
A2 Every Little Word (Dub) 5:40
B1 Every Little Word (Underground Mix) 5:05
B2 Every Little Word (Alternative Radio Edit) 4:15

Timbuk 3 ‎– All I Want For Christmas (US Promo 12″)

Happy Christmas to all followers, contributors and fans of the blog !!!!

It’s been a long old year and this big place seems to get more popular by the month. Still stuck in the 80’s ( and will be up to the New Year) this hobby continues to roll along. As Mike and myself try to bring you the rarer vinyl treats, hopefully tickling the nostalgia bone or prompting cries of “I’ve not heard this version before and I thought I was a fan!”

Mike sent this over as the obscure but excellent festive tune to pop up. The husband and wife duo of Pat and Barbara K. McDonald must be one of the very few successful married musical couples From 1987 and as relevant today as ever. Timbuk 3 nail the anti consumerism vibe in their country rock style (driven by the trademark drum machine)

B-side seems like a studio outtake with “Blue Christmas” getting covered. “I Love You” , their own composition, hypnotises you with Blue Aeroplanes style of guitar. I’m going to dedicate this post to my mate James who always lends his critical ear to my posts, most of them he doesn’t like! Here’s one for you mate!


I.R.S. Records ‎– L33-17427allforchristmas

A All I Want For Christmas 3:23
B Medley: Blue Christmas / I Love You X 3 6:33

Flesh For Lulu ‎– Siamese Twist (12″)

Not quite Goth but not quite Rock, a bit in-between. Flesh For Lulu have appeared on here before and this was from the album “Long Live The New Flesh”, from 1987, with a more commercial rock sound. At the time they were touring with Gene Loves Jezebel and P.I.L. in America, signing to Beggars Banquet and enabling them to record this at Abbey Road Studios with Mike Hedges on production. It reminds be of Blur’s “Park Life” in places and the track mixes baby crying with glam rock (??) a definite tribute to Marc Bolan and T Rex. B-sides in clude a fake “Live” track “Dumbest Thing” and the U2 sounding “Blue Sky” Sadly lead singer and guitarist, Nick Marsh, lost his battle with cancer in 2015.


Beggars Banquet ‎– BEG 184Tfleshoutercov

A Siamese Twist 7:08
B1 Dumbest Thing (Live In Your Living Room) 3:25
B2 Blue Sky 4:40
B3 Siamese Twist (7″ Version) 3:50

Mink DeVille ‎– Italian Shoes (US Promo 12″)

Before festive distraction get in the way!

This was released in 1985 from a band I’ve not featured before but had legendary status on the American alt. rock scene. Formed in 1975 they became a houseband in the famous NY club CBGB, that became the epicentre of NY punk – the other house bands being Blondie, Television and Talking Heads. This got them categorized as part of the punk/new Wave underground scene which they never belonged to musically but they became massive in Europe.

This was released in 1985 and apparently is an uncredited cover version of “New Suit” by funk/soul band The Wild Magnolia’s from 1975. Produced by their main man, the late Willy Deville with Duncan Cameron. It has that mid 80’s production values with plenty of drums, brassy hooks and orchestra samples.Very smooth if the 12″ is a little bit drawn out.

In contrast the bluesy and rawer B-side, “Pride And Joy” is more like their original sound.




Atlantic ‎– DMD 921mink

A Italian Shoes (Vocal/Extended Version) 6:07
B1 Italian Shoes (Vocal/Edited Version) 3:28
B2 Pride And Joy 3:29

Paul McCartney ‎– Spies Like Us (12″)

So going for the mainstream with this from 1985 and from the film with the same name starring Chevy Chase and Dan Ackroyd. McCartney discovers the Emulator and does a little Queen tribute. Backed by mixes by John “Tokes” Potoker , Art Of Noise and Gary Langan. The AON mix , track A2, is a little disappointing, it does finish with a quiet close with Anne Dudley on the piano outro but it’s a little repetitive. The best mix and the one that contains loads of film soundbites is the Potoker mix, track A1. A Wings collaboration appears as a B-side, originally from 1975 but remixed by AON member Langan.



Parlophone ‎– 12R 6118spiesfrontcov

A1 Paul McCartney Spies Like Us (Party Mix) 7:10
A2 Paul McCartney Spies Like Us (Alternative Mix-Known To His Friends As “Tom”) 3:56
B1 Paul McCartney Spies Like Us (DJ Version) 3:46
B2 Paul McCartney & Wings My Carnival (Party Mix) 6:00