What no free stuff to download!!!

I’m no good with celebrating anniversaries (ask Beth!) but I knew why I’ve been feeling really weird lately.
Probably prompted by all the famous deaths this year I worked out I had Pancreatic Cancer exactly 10 years ago and was having what may have been my last Christmas and New Year before the big operation in early January. Obviously I’m still here but it certainly has changed my whole outlook on life, it’s basically a demon that has never gone away.
So I feel blessed and bloody lucky that they got it in time; Dr. Sheen and all at Ward 9 in MRI saved my life!
Sorry for that outpouring!
I wish all my friends, followers and contributor (Mike B) and in particular Bethan and my long suffering Mum and Dad a very heartfelt New Year……………………….. Everyday counts; I need to live a bit more by this rule!

13 thoughts on “What no free stuff to download!!!”

  1. djjedredy,

    No idea! Glad your here and please Stay Well!! Life can be a B**^#@ sometimes….

    Stick around, more good shit for ya mate!! (Blog Followers too!!).

    Happy New Year!! (Wife, Family, And Friends Included) Ring in the new year and many more to come!!!!!

  2. Just over five years since my cancer diagnosis so I understand what you mean. It’s like a demon, but it’s also like my battle scar, and I’ve been lucky enough to live to fight another day. Wishing you strength, love, and many happy and healthy new years to come.

  3. Cheers to a healthy and happy 2017! Thank you for all the wonderful music you share … we greatly appreciate it!

  4. Congratulations on being one of the lucky ones. We lost a colleague a few years ago (ironically a general/vascular/hepato-biliary surgeon) who wasn’t diagnosed until a few months before he died. I also had a nursing colleague die from the same almost 7 years ago. Glad that you are still here and enjoying life. HNY.

  5. I’m glad that you made it through all that. Life can really test you at times. keep up the good fight. I’m sending you best wishes for the new year and many more to follow.

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