Pete Shelley – The Twelve Inch Collection 2

Part 2 sees Shelley develop more of a band sound. The bands he had gathered included Barry Adamson, who provided the bass for the stuff in the Part 1 collection)

Shelley ‎– Never Again (12″)

With a sleeve reminiscent of Kraftwerk’s the recipe for 12 string acoustic lead power pop (with some glam rock elements thrown in) was adopted under the name Shelley. It was released on the small, London based synth label, Immaculate Records in 1984 and was self produced at Genetic and Trident Studios. The band line-up was Pete Shelley (ex Buzzcocks): guitar, voice, Barry Adamson (ex Magazine, ex Visage): bass Gerard Cookson: guitar, Derek Thompson ( SPK and Hoodlum Monk): bass Dexter (Francis Cookson): drums and Steve Turley: keyboards. The extended version has some elements of stuff he had learned off Martin Rushent with echoes of the title track, “XL-1” on the closing guitar riff.

I’m sure Rushent must have had a hand in the dubby electronic, “Give It To Me” a version that was a dance floor hit. ( Channel 4 used a part of this for its Tour De France coverage) The habit of adding an experimental B-side had now started with the long and weird “One, One, One,” superb synth stuff mixed with Gregorian chant; with drum machines and grinding industrial noise, sounds like something New Order would enjoy.

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Immaculate Records ‎– 12 IMMAC 1never

A Never Again (Extended Version) 6:19
B1 Give It To Me 5:30
B2 One One One (Extended Version) 8:15

Pete Shelley – Waiting For Love (12″)

Followers had to wait for another two years for the release of the next 12″ single. It is even more guitar based with a strident lead. Proving he could still knock out a catchy pop tune but with layers of sophisticated noise. The 12″ mix was digitally edited by David Jacob (who did a lot of work with the Pet Shop Boys) and the 7″ was produced by Stephen Hague. The 12″ mix is currently my favorite mix of the month, more electronic and better for it 😉 Continuing the theme of an experimental B side, the instrumental, “Designer Lamps”, sounds like something Yello would do with samples of horror screams and tribal percussion, very disturbing!


Immaculate Records ‎– 12 IMMAC 4waiting

A Waiting For Love (Immaculate Mix One) 7:17
B1 Waiting For Love (7″ Version) 3:47
B2 Designer Lamps 4:05

Pete Shelley – On Your Own (12″)

The next single to be taken from the album “The Heaven And The Sea” and continues the partnership with Stephen Hague. The mixes also employs the considerable skills of Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero to provide it with a big, polished 80’s sound. I guess that Mercury thought “Okay, let’s launch him to chart success” but I’m not entirely convinced myself a bit overproduced, hiding a decent song underneath. The Dub Mix wins this weeks award for how many layers of drums you can have and those awful, gimmicky vocal sample stabs, put on as a bit of an after thought.

Again the instrumental B- side “Please Forgive Me … But I Cannot Endure It Any Longer” is almost classical in construction, Shelley the composer and is simply sublime.


Mercury ‎– MERX 221own

A On Your Own (New York Mix)
B1 On Your Own (Dub Mix)
B2 Please Forgive Me … But I Cannot Endure It Any Longer

Pete Shelley – I Surrender (12″)

The final 12″ from the album on got a release here even though the A – side contains a US Remix version. Mixing latino percussion and new wave, spiky guitar and mixed by Michael Kamen (Madonna discoverer) A final throw of the dice as the song gets swamped by rota toms and bongos (by Tuta Aquino), the dub mix was probably a New York club floor filler! (on Import)

The B-side, “Need A Minit” harks back to the XL-1 / Post Punk sound. More throw away and lighter.


Mercury ‎– MERX 234surrender

A I Surrender (U.S. Remix Vers.)
B1 I Surrender (Dub Vers.)
B2 Need A Minit

So I’m missing the other album release , “Blue Eyes,” and the 1987 one-off release, “Do Anything” – Stay tuned!!

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  1. Sorry, I think I got lost in the shuffle.
    Please re-up Pete Shelley – Waiting For Love (12″) and thank you again.

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