Pete Shelley – The Twelve Inch Collection – Part 1


As a bit of a fan (and spurned on by a few things Mike posted over), this two part series will attempt to showcase the transition from Punk maverick to synth embracing futurist; with the help of a certain Martin Rushent.

Pete Shelley – I Don’t Know What It Is (12″)

The first single off the album, “Homosapian,” it contains a slightly remixed version of the album track. As you will with these twelves the real gem is on the flip, an amazing dub version!! Listen and you can hear a lot of Rushent’s signature sounds that appeared on the Human League releases which were being done at the same time; the version of “I Don’t Know What It Is” suddenly gets shoe-horned in, not in a subtle way, ending with the sung chorus.

Genetic Records  ‎– 12 WIP 6740frontcov

A I Don’t Know What It Is (Remixed Version)
B Witness The Change / I Don’t Know What It Is (Instrumental Version)





Pete Shelley – Homosapian / Love In Vein (12″)

The classic with Rushent’s studio skills are all over this electronic anthem. So ahead of it’s time the studio sounds were so cutting edge at the time. Once heard never forgotten.

Island Records ‎– 12WIP 6720homofrontcov

A1 Homosapien (Dance Version)
A2 Love In Vain
B Homosapien (Elongated Dancepartydubmix)





Pete Shelley – Telephone Operator (12″)

So the first thing I bought by him and fell in love with was originally on 7″ and I upgraded to the 12″ about 15 years ago. From the groundbreaking “XL- 1” album from 1983, this blew me away. The slap bass on “Many Of Time” brings funk to the synth pop. Both amazing mixes.

Genetic Records ‎– 12XX1telephonefrontcov

A1 Telephone Operator 3:15
A2 Many A Time (Extended Version) 6:43
B Many A Time (Dub) 7:57







Pete Shelley – (Millions Of People) No One Like You (12″)

These were originally going to be on the Buzzcock’s last album and they do sound like a Buzzcock songs. The sleeve says it was all one track but I’ve split them into two tracks. Again it’s all in the B-side where the tracks get the full Genetic studio treatment.

Genetic Records ‎– 12XS 2sam_1962

A (Millions Of People) No One Like You / If You Ask Me (I Won’t Say No) 8:30
B (Millions Of People) No One Like You / If You Ask Me (I Won’t Say No) (Dub Mix) 6:38


  1. Mike · December 27, 2016

    Thank you so very much for these!

  2. Alex · December 27, 2016

    Thaks for this great post! Keep going on.

  3. RA Feutz · December 27, 2016

    Every time I see a Shelley post, I dig out my 12 inches that have yet to be recorded. Perhaps you will cover that base for me! Thanks for this lovely Pt. 1!

  4. Martyn · December 27, 2016

    Excellent post, thank you!

  5. jeffhitz · December 28, 2016

    Great stuff! Can’t wait for part 2.
    BTW, any chance of reposting Heaven 17 ‎– …(And That’s No Lie) (VERSION 5)? I really like the Megamix on the B-Side, but all I can find online is the inferior version they did for the best-of a little later. Thanks.

    • djjedredy · January 1, 2017

      Re-upped and a Happy New Year Jeff!

  6. kevmore · December 29, 2016

    Great stuff

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