The Human League – Love Is All That Matters (Extended Version) (12″)

It’s the festive season and time for the annual round of Human League concerts. Tapping into 80’s nostalgia and office parties these are quite grim affairs, Phil and the girls put on their Greatest Hits show fantastically, but for Purists of the band, the squeaky clean production and going through the motions performance is very production line. I’ve been to about three of these gigs and once you appreciate the clean, almost Kraftwerk-like sound, it seems to go into office party and parody mode…Shame.

This was from 1988 and sees the ill-advised collaboration with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis had run it’s course. It was originally on the “Crash” album, two years before and should have been the second single off the album instead of “I Need Your Loving”. It is a little bit bit cringe worthy as it desperately tries for the pop jugular but ends up biting its lip. Shades of Alexander O’ Neal’s “Criticize” and a huge bass synth line is a redeeming feature.

A massive bonus is the return of a Martin Rushent mix on the Dub version of the original B-side, “I Love You Too Much”; a return to normality and from the albums,  “Fascination.” and “Hysteria.” Love the Jo Callis disco bass-line and the vocoder, suitably given the Rushent production magic. Made my weekend!



Virgin ‎– VST 1025lovematters

A Love Is All That Matters (Extended Remix) 7:45
B1 I Love You Too Much (Dub) 5:54
B2 Love Is All That Matters (Edit) 4:06



6 thoughts on “The Human League – Love Is All That Matters (Extended Version) (12″)”

  1. Hi there, really interesting comments about the gigs the League have been pouring out each Winter these past few years. I first saw them in 1979 at the Lyceum Ballroom and kept listening until Crash was released, then ran for the hills! I’m dipping my toe back in the water next month at Leicester’s Demontfort Hall to see them again for the first time in many a year. (The fact Midge Ure is supporting was a heavy lure) My gut instinct told me that the gigs were formulaic and smacked of the ‘Butlins’ 80’s Mania Tour concerts. I’m not expecting much – I ain’t gonna get Gordon’s Gin played like they did at the at the Ballroom that’s for sure Empire State Human, perhaps? Loving the blog.

    Any chance we may see 12″ remixes of Ultravox’s, We Came To Dance, Reap The Wild Wind & Visions In Blue.
    I’m waiting on this little beauty to drop through the letterbox next month.



    1. No problem Mark , I’ll sort them for next week. Saw the New Human League a few times over the past 5 years, it’s okay and they do play a range of stuff including Empire State Human. It can be a little karaoke because of the Christmas crowd. Enjoy Midge I managed to see League with John Foxx supporting, excellent stuff!

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