World At A Glance – Burning Out (US Promo 12″)

So this band had just one album released in 1988 and I can’t stop playing this bloody track!!

Comprising of David Ilku – vocals
Michael Lawrence – guitars, b.vocals
Thaddeus Castanis – bass, b.vocals
Dougie Bowne – drums & perc

It has Killing Joke type guitar, it’s rocky but not too heavy and it has some great synths and a catchy chorus, I want to hunt down that album now.Complimented by a couple of François Kevorkian mixes, the “Innocent Mix” is quite twisted and hypnotic.

Island Records ‎– 0-96718world

A Burning Out (No Mercy Mix) 5:55
B1 Burning Out (Album Version) 4:11
B2 Burning Out (The Innocent Mix) 7:28

One comment

  1. Grebo · December 9, 2016

    I have this 12-inch as well, and at one point *did* have the CD…. sadly I sold it back when I needed cash (and frankly, I felt none of the other tracks on the album matched the incredible hooks in this song).
    Love the remixes, hard to go wrong with F.Kevorkian at the board.
    Good pick!

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