Sigue Sigue Sputnik – A Retrospective Volume 3 – 1989, It’s long way down


Reinvention and striving to come up with something a bit different and therefore things became quite interesting. Tony James was carving himself out as a bit of Malcolm McLaren figure and touching as many genres as possible. Stay with me this band did have some ideas.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Albinino Vs. Star Wars (12″)

No vocals just a beautifully produced (By Stephen Hague) instrumental, atmospheric and layered with samples. Part 2 adds a dance beat but keeps the weird samples and we get the vocals back. It sounds like a modern The Clash or Big Audio Dynamite!

“He who plunders the past, exploits the future!”


Parlophone ‎– 12 SSS 4starsigue

A1 Albinoni Vs Star Wars (Part 1 Extended)
B1 Albinoni Vs Star Wars (Part 2 Extended)

Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Dancerama (Remixes) (12″)

By now Parlophone couldn’t wait to get rid. Sales had dried up and the band were self producing and mixing. Here on the “Kashmir Mix” we get a homage to Glam Rock. Heavy rock guitar and synths and Degville’s vocals messed around and twisted as usual. The “Saxy Remix” goes all sleazy, slow, Soft Cell on us with lead vocals mostly by a mysterious woman. B-side “Barbarandroid” has Bill Mitchell given a spoof trailer voice over some Blade Runner mood music with lead vocals by some Androids, very inventive.


Parlophone ‎– 12 SSSX 5danced

A Dancerama (Kashmir Remix) 8:18
B1 Dancerama (Saxy Remix) 7:09
B2 Barbarandroid 4:23

Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Rio Rocks (12″)

Their last single (from the 80’s anyway) and back to Rock ‘n Roll. The “Rocks” in question are cocaine and the sing pinches heavily from “La Bamba” and takes a critical look at the glamour of Rio. It was produced by legendary Brazilian producer, Liminha. B-side, “Aliens” is a pure synth soundtrack for an imaginary film, but with very few film soundbites (strangely?) and sounding very much like Jean Michel Jarre?

NEW LINK 2017 (again!!)

Parlophone ‎– 12 SSS 6rio

A1 Rio Rocks (Extended)
B1 Aliens

Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Rio Rocks (The Samba Remixes)

As a parting shot and spending what was left of Parlophone’s money (Remember The Sex Pistols and Ronnie Biggs) So off the trio went; Recorded in Rio, Brazil, May 1989. Featuring the Manguera Samba School and produced with Liminha. The 12″ is a very light, traditional Samba with Neal X guitar quietly wailing in the background. The “Acid” mix is again very limp wristed attempt at a dance track. Why oh why?

And with that the Parlophone Record Executives gladly showed the band the door!!!


Parlophone ‎– 12 SSSX 6rio2

A1 Rio Rocks (Samba) 5:58
B1 Rio Rocks (Acid) 5:56
B2 Rio Rocks (7″ Samba) 4:00

Thanks once again to Mike B for providing the crystal clear rips. I hope I have done your collection justice.



  1. -Mike B.- · December 1, 2016

    djjedredy, (& Fellow Bloggers!)

    Always justified (Regardless!!). Glad to share.

    Wonder how the stats are with these …..!?

  2. mothloop · December 1, 2016

    There are no words… !(?)

  3. Paulo X · December 2, 2016

    Thank you very much!

    By the way, it’s “Mangueira” (mango tree in Portuguese). Liminha was one of the most important rock producers in Brazil during the ’80s and ’90s, producing classics such as Titãs’ “Cabeça Dinossauro,” among other records….

    • djjedredy · December 2, 2016

      Thanks for the extra info Paulo !

  4. RA Feutz · December 5, 2016

    Thank you for all (3) SSS posts! I only had a limited collection, so this will lovely to track through.

  5. Grebo · December 9, 2016

    Fantastic. Frankly, I could type all day about this, as talking SPUTNIK is quite literally one of my favourite things to do.
    Some points:
    ALBINONI v. STAR WARS, the 12-inch and CD-SINGLE features slightly different extended mixes. As well, the CD-SINGLE offers a unique 7-inch edit AND a “bonus beats” track. Well worth tracking down IMO, as it’s such a fantastic bloody bonkers track.

    BARBANAROID is listed on the CD-SINGLE but not even included. There are so many damn mixes for DANCEARAMA that the mind spins. The 12-inch PICTURE DISC contains an exclusive track called THE DANCERAMA CLUB INTRODUCTION which is exclusive to that release, and pretty amazing – a real sci-fi build-up to what is really a fairly tepid little number.

    I appreciate the SAMBA mixes of RIO ROCKS – I’ve been collecting SPUTNIK like a mad bastard since they arrived on the scene, and yet this *one damn 12-inch single* has evaded me all these years… errr… decades….


  6. Grebo · December 9, 2016

    Damn it – forgot to mention that the RIO ROCKS b-side ALIENS is in fact an extended remix of that track. The 7-inch has the original version. I was kind of obsessed with that track for a period….

  7. Simon Quincey · January 1, 2017

    Stumbled onto this site today, being a 40 something guy, i grew up with all this shoulder pad, leg warmer, roller boots, BMX rubbish and i LOVED SSS. You’ve got rather a lot of content i need to wade through now, have bookmarked this and will be trawling your blog posts as far back as i can and reminiscing along with you…

    Now, smoke blown, can you fix the Rio Rocks link please 🙂 Ta.

    • djjedredy · January 1, 2017

      Will do and anything else that has dead links in this vast museum of musical nostalgia 😁

      • Simon Quincey · January 2, 2017

        I’ve scooted through all of 2016, took me a while. Lots to be going at… As i got back as far as February links started to show as “expired” rather than deleted or missing. I guess you can’t keep it all alive forever. Some really cool content here, many 12″ that i still own too, stored away and which i haven’t heard in years. 12″ rarities from Yello, Art Of Noise, Beastie Boys, FGTH, Boops Here To Go (grabbed that one for a listen), INXS, Promos, and a ton of stuff i’ve never heard of. I’ve got both the Robert Marlow 12″ btw, Face Of Dorian Gray and the (IMO) better “This Happy World”. I love the 12″ of that, very quirky track but catchy as hell. Tomorrow i’ll be scooting through 2015 and i’ll be checking back often from now on, see what gems keep appearing. Nice site, glad you have Mike B helping out… Thanks for the work put in and the uploads.

      • djjedredy · January 2, 2017

        Just give us a shout if you need anything in particular, links go dead after 30 days if no one downloads, zippyshare is rubbish but quick. Marlow’s “This Happy World” is very rare, not even listed on discogs so would love to hear that. Happy hunting in there. 🙂

      • Simon Quincey · January 2, 2017

        Not my rip and only 192k but pretty clean and crisp. Would love to share my own 320k rip but have no ability to rip my vinyl. Don’t even own a turntable any more. Technics SL 1410 mk2, you were my friend….


      • Simon Quincey · January 10, 2017

        Hi there. Just a small nudge for you. I don’t know (being new and all) what your time scales are like when offering to re-up something. Forgive me if i’m jumping the gun… Also, did you grab the file above?

      • djjedredy · January 10, 2017

        Just give me a shout, it’s a bit like plate spinning as link can die and I never know. Shoot away!

      • djjedredy · January 10, 2017

        Oh and thanks for the link, it sounds great!

      • Simon Quincey · January 11, 2017

        I already did on the 1st Jan 🙂 Too much mulled wine?
        Rio Rocks 12″ File no longer exists. Mucho thanks.

      • djjedredy · January 12, 2017

        Again, this seems to be working okay, just downloaded my own content!

      • Simon Quincey · January 12, 2017

        I get “File does not exist on this server”. No problem with most of 2016’s files in many other posts nor with the first 3 from this post. Just that 4th Rio Rocks 12″. Nevermind.

      • Simon Quincey · January 12, 2017

        Just wondering, maybe you upped it, and you can see it, but its not public or something?

      • djjedredy · January 12, 2017

        I’ll re-up no probs 🙂

    • Simon Quincey · January 16, 2017

      Download achieved – Platinum trophy achievement gained. Many thanks.

  8. Half-man half-Sputnik · January 16, 2017

    Magnificent. Thank you for the ripSSS.

  9. Stephen Scott · October 8

    Fascinating stuff. After Love Missile F1-11 they disappeared from my radar, but growing up in a country town in Australia tended to be a barrier regarding progressive music.

  10. Winx · October 21

    KILLER UPLOAD (all three) but unfortunately the links are already down

  11. Pingback: Re-uppage 10 (Sigue Sigue Sputnik, WAX, Pet Shop Boys | myvinyldreams
  12. krawinkel · June 19

    links are down. Thanks for a Reup of this killer group with this rare stuff 12inch. Youre the best..

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