Sigue Sigue Sputnik – A Retrospective Vol 2 – Similar But Different 86-88


Riding the wave of success, particularly in Japan. They ploughed onwards keeping to their formula and getting their 3rd hit in a row with their third UK release.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Sex Bomb Boogie (German 12″)

So ahead of the game and using opera and classical music samples. Wow, how to use a sequence in a punk way and the guitar harks back to the Billy Idol led Generation X.

Parlophone ‎– 1C K 060-20 1565 6sexboogie

A Sex Bomb Boogie (Magic Flute) 5:44
B Sex Bomb Dance 4:21

Sci-Fi Sex Stars – Rockit Miss USA / Teenage Thunder (LTD Edition 12″)

Rare and originally only available from the Tour merchandise. This 4 tracker contains 2 alternative album mixes plus a stonky live track, “Suicide.” The mixes contain some really interesting samples, the Iran War even gets a soundbite. The Best 12″ so far.

Written on the back of the naughty sleeve was this…. (sorry it’s the uncensored one!)


Who M I? ‎– WM 1001sam_5661

A1 Rockit Miss USA (Death Wish IV) 5:25
A2 Commercial Break 0:34
AA1 Teenage Thunder (Sputstyle) 5:12
AA2 Suicide 5:23

Sigue Sigue Sputniiiiiik – Success! (Acid Remixes)  (UK 12″)

So the follow up album was called was called “Dress For Excess” and saw them go from punky electronica to full blown club tracks. Their fifth release is a dabble into the lasted Acid House scene, it was 1988. This was their last hit, reaching Number 35. The second track tries to be a proper Acid House anthem but we have PWL behind the production with Phil Harding mixing so then it was hardly underground! The “Balearacidic” is probably the best of the bunch, slightly edgier and keeping the vocals in.

Normal service resumes on “Frankenstein Cha-Cha” guitars are plugged in and that sequencer gets charged up. The Ramones go Techno.


Parlophone ‎– 12 SSSX 3success

A1 Success (Acid Mix #1) (Vox) 4:20
A2 Success (Acid Mix # 2) (Inst) 5:03
B1 Frankenstein Cha-Cha-Cha 3:41
B2 Success (Balearacidic 12 Inch) 6:04

Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Success! (US 12″)

So another myriad of mixes appear on the US release (all from PWL and Phil Harding with Neil X from the band getting a look in) Less dance orientated and much more poppier than the UK previous to this,it even goes down the Frankie Goes To Hollywood route. So as well as the FGTH main mix, you get a “Funky Mix” darkish house mix, with some great Anti-greed soundbites and American comedy film samples. The “Micro-Dot Dub” is another quite hard Acid House mix until the vocals kick in, but good for 1988. The “Metal Hammer Mix” does what it says on the tin, guitar riff heaven and a bit like their “old” sound. (Nearly ZZ Top!!!)

Amended Link 2018 !!!!!

EMI USA ‎– V-56130

A1 Success (12″ Dance Mix) 6:45
A2 Success (7″ Dance Mix) 3:00
A3 Success (Funky Mix) 5:27
B1 Success (Balaeracidic Mix) 6:04
B2 Success (Micro-Dot Dub) 6:30
B3 Success (Metal Hammer Mix) 4:44



14 responses

  1. Both these SSS posts are amazing. Thank you for giving others the opportunity to hear these brilliant mixes. I have all the old SSS records which still get played to death. They are one of those bands that are very easy to dismiss but when you get it, you really get it. I remember seeing them live back in the day and boy did they rock. They were brilliant, great tunes, great to watch, great attitude. Real rock ‘n’ rollers. Keep them coming!!!

    1. Volume 3 ready to launch tomorrow, and a special vinyl treat for you next week! Cheers!

  2. Great set. Thank you

  3. Thank you much for the SSS posts, they sound great to these old ears! Looking forward to Part 3 as well!

  4. @Hugh Hall – I believe that there are sporadic gigs still, I missed them a few months ago in my home town, especially pissed as it was a free gig!

  5. Fantastic, fantastic fantastic – thank you!!
    SEX BOMB BOOGIE – if I recall correctly, that 12-inch single was another case where a b-side was listed (DANCEARAMA, an early version?!) but not included. Great single that.

    I hid that SCI-FI SEX STARS 12-inch from my parents, but played the everlovin’ hell out of it! The 2 main mixes on there are just amazing, pure gold.

    I find the SUCCESS release a bit confusing – in Canada we were given the same 3-track release that the UK and Australia got, with the bog-standard 12-inch remix and an EXTENDED version of FRANKENSTEIN CHA-CHA (it took me *years* until I found a 7-inch single and finally heard the original version of F.CHA-CHA!). The other SUCCESS remixes were a bit hard for me to swallow personally… trying so hard for so little. But oh, how I loved them for trying!

  6. MASSIVE!!!!!


    I don’t understand how there isn’t a REMIX collection out there with brand new remixes of the classics, especially from the Jungle/D&B sector (due to the speed) The only person who ever touched them was Westbam. It seems that these songs would be so easy to “update”.

    (2 of the links are already down)

    1. Tell me which ones and I’ll re-up, cheers 🙂

  7. The link to the “Success” 6 tracker appears to give the ACID mixes again.
    The ACID mixes are interesting , but frankly are poor arent they! Glad i didnt waste my 1990 pocket money on that!
    Any chance of the correct link to the 6 tracker>?

    1. Sorry rushed to re up this will sort at weekend.

  8. Thanks for these i took most of them first time around. But i need the Success 6 tracker. The link is STILL the 4 tracker!!

  9. Appreciated!!

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