The Fatback Band ‎– I Found Lovin’ (12″)


The original 1983 release of this dance floor, electro funk classic. I forgot how very synthetic it was, the remix by Lewis Hayes, strips it down to the basics with the synths really giving it some edge. Enough said.


Master Mix  ‎– 12 CHE 8401lovinfrontcov

A I Found Lovin’ (Remix) 7:10
B1 I Found Lovin’ (LP Version)
B2 I Found Lovin’ (Dub)

6 thoughts on “The Fatback Band ‎– I Found Lovin’ (12″)”

    1. As I’ve already mentioned Neil. The links last for 30 days (or are supposed to) if the files are not accessed within that period they die. Cheers for letting me know about all these dead links but as I’ve already said I’ll re-up a few at a time not all the 20+ you’ve asked for! Be patient I have a blog to add to.

  1. Many thanks i’m very aware i asked a lot. But i’m up too date with this great site and won’t be asking anymore re-ups in the near distant future. And i never asked for them all at once. The re-ups are appreciated.

  2. Damn seems i downloaded this is Dec 2016. My bad that’ll teach me for not giving thanks (as i usually do). That’s the trouble with visiting this site once in a blue moon. I’m here every other day from now on!

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