Chico Johnson ‎– Loop De Loop (With The Peppermint Hoop) (12″)

More obscure stuff with some Electric Boogaloo, tapping into the 1983 craze…. Hula-Hooping (I kid you not!) Originally a Flexi-Disc record which was given away to promote KP Hula Hoops crisps!!! Camp, electro funk with more than a tinge of disco on the B-side.

Form an orderly download queue.


Tivoli Records ‎– TIVT 3loopinner1

A Loop De Loop (With The Peppermint Hoop) 5:21
B Running Around In Circles 3:56


8 thoughts on “Chico Johnson ‎– Loop De Loop (With The Peppermint Hoop) (12″)”

  1. Would really appreciate if you could re-upload this. I had the Hula Hoops version back in the day and would love to hear the full version. Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much for the reupload… slight problem, the file says it is either in an unknown format or damaged so can’t be opened 😦 Would be awesome if you could reupload again 🙂

    1. I got it to work by converting the Rar to a Zip. Great to hear the tune again, thanks very much! It sounds like the 1983 “Loop De Loop” release might have been promoting the “Whamo Peppermint Hula Hoop” (there’s an advert for such a product on YouTube!). The 1984 release as “Do The Hula Hoop” (which I had on Flexi Disc) has updated lyrics about Hula Hoops and looks like there was an extended 12″ release of that too. Wonder what Chico Johnson is doing these days? 🙂

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