Johnny Hates Jazz ‎– I Don’t Want To Be A Hero (12″)

The poppiest anti-war song ever, and one for the Mums!!!! Written and produced by the band (so fair play to them for that) it does have the most bizarre lyrics wrapped up in a shiny 80’s pop track, very weird, to look at the front cover they look like they would run a mile at the sound of gunshot! The trio were made up of Calvin Hayes, (drummer ?) Clark Datchler (vocals and keyboards) and Mike Nocito (guitars) with a mysterious fourth member, producer and writer Phil Thornalley who later did the vocals after Datchler left after their debut LP. The 12″ sound like Madonna in places and unclutters the synth backing. This was before their massive hit, “Shattered Dreams.” The B-side is a synth instrumental called “The Cage” showing that they were promising musicians.

Pacifists Unite!

Oh and here is the link, JHJ fans


Virgin ‎– VST 1000johnnyfrontcov

A1 I Don’t Want To Be A Hero (12″ Mix)
B1 The Cage
B2 I Don’t Want To Be A Hero (7″ Version)

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