Lloyd Cole And The Commotions ‎– My Bag (12″)

From 1987 and something from a familiar face of the 80’s.

“My Bag” gets the remix treatment and it ain’t a bad ‘un, remixed by François Kevorkian. Driven by a big bass guitar sound it certainly is a toe tapper.

Love the lyrics;

“Hey I was walking my bag
through a 20 storey non stop snow storm
Pirrelli calender girls westling in body lotion”

The remix by Irresistible Force (Mixmaster Morris) is a right dog’s dinner,fed through a sampler. Inventive but  for a novelty listen only! (How the hell is a hip-hop/electro sample in there God knows.

“Jesus Said” is more of your normal Lloyd Cole, acoustic and with that harmonium,a quality B – side.


Polydor ‎– COLEX 7bag

A My Bag (Dancing Mix)
B1 Perfect Skin (Commotions Meet The Irresistible Force)
B2 Jesus Said

One comment

  1. acidted · November 22, 2016

    Yes, that irresistible force remix is a stinker. Given his later brilliance, a surprise.

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