Debbie Harry – French Kissin’ In The USA (12″)

Debbie Does It On Her Own

She did like to release some solo stuff as her band Blondie struggled to have the same impact as the late 70’s. A handful of albums were released during the 80’s, this being off the “Rockbird” album. The track is a bit of a synth fest and was quite a big hit for her. The Latin Rascals were on the mix over the production of Seth Justman (keyboardist with the J Geils Band) It sounds something that Malcolm Mclaren could have put out, an extended version of the 7″, so quite unspoilt for fans familiar with the radio version.

The B-side is a contrast, rock, as it says in the title, with a weird honky-tonk piano and was written with Chris Stein.

NEW LINK 2020’+In+The+USA+-+UK+12”+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1986+(RAW)+MP3+320.rar/file

Chrysalis ‎– CHS 12 3066french

A French Kissin’ In The USA (Dance Mix) 7:25
B1 French Kissin’ In The USA (Dub Version) 8:02
B2 Rockbird 3:09

9 thoughts on “Debbie Harry – French Kissin’ In The USA (12″)”

  1. Please, if you have a chance, can you fix this link? Would love to hear the extended version of this awesome track!

    thank you in advance!

  2. Hi. Can you upload the link? Thanks & Multiple thanks for the other uploads. Brings me back to the 80s 12″ frenzy..

      1. awesome! Thanks so much!..I’m backtracking down to your blog’s months from 2015 down.. this takes me back to those 80s extended years…more power to you sir!

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