Yesterday, was an angry day.

Wow, half a dozen posts of intense industrial/techno stuff.

Yup, yesterday was not a good day sparked of by trying to visit my old blog and still getting greeted by this….like a

and also looking at the dip in stats, the lack of comments (either negative or positive – Thanks Erik for the positive one) because the 90’s don’t quite appeal to the current readership. This is not a business but a time consuming hobby, 99% of re-up requests are met…some with thanks others not. A taker’s blog rather than a reader’s blog and I deliberately don’t write much. What to do?


22 responses

  1. Hello you have a really fantastic blog. I have never posted Comments. Sorry again.It will not happen again

  2. I don’t see any problem. Your blog is unique and freacking great and i like both 80 & 90 stuff. I’m sure all the other visitors like both too.

  3. And congratulations if you’re a ManCity man. To beat Barcelona is a big shot anyway

  4. Belated thanks for everything you post from both a taker and reader (but a not very good commenter). I love the blog…

  5. Hey dude, I lov eyour blog… I dont know a lot of what you post and apologies that I dont comment… but I do really enjoy seeing the things you post, and downloading the odd one here and tere

  6. djjedredy,

    Unbelievable, really!! People amaze me!! Ok, moving on…..
    Hope this one (Blog) is saved and if not e-mail me, please, thanks mate!
    (I have a lot more to share (Bring to your/fellow bloggers attention), trust me!!!!).

    More 90’s (Last batch then back to 80’s) coming just need to rip 2 x 12”s for “Searching” (no idea that these were out must have been side tracked!!) by INXS.
    Recently purchased and just arrived from Germany.

  7. I love the diversity of the stuff you post. Don’t change a thing. you have one of the very best blogs still going!

  8. Came here every now and then.I’m for 80;s music thans 90’s,because persionally I think 80′ were more fruitful,both musically and artistically.Aside from that,I downloaded some of your stuff,especially the ones I even didn’t know exist,like promo records made jus for radio or Dj’s in USA or UK,some stuff never been officialy released,something I have missed in the past years…It’s a very good blog,made with passion and love,and a pleasure to look at.So thank you very much for all of this.

  9. *Sorry for the mistyping.

  10. I also feel guilty for often downloading from your blog, but never commenting (until now). Sorry. But thanks for your great work ! One of the best music blogs around. I prefer the 80s stuff, but that should not keep you away from posting more music from other decades.
    Best wishes and regards from a German reader.

  11. Thanks everyone for your kind words, it does mean a lot. I’ve been blogging far too long to get complacent…….onwards 🙂

  12. I’ve commented before, and I’ll comment again and again and shout from the rooftops: THIS IS A GREAT BLOG and I check in often 🙂

  13. Hi, thanks for posting on this blog. I found several impossible vinyls to get an excellent blog.

  14. Hey there djjedredy, I actually have never posted here but I saw this and needed to let you know that we all REALLY appreciate this blog. You have a great range of musical interests that spans many genres, and obviously, it’s all excellent. All of the items you are posting are long out of print and, for whatever reason, it’s often the weird obscure stuff that I most appreciated. I remember buying a lot of these 12″s back in the day (Dream Academy posted today!) but I sold many of them due to space reasons. You’re posting so many that I used to own on this blog! Like i said, we appreciate it and you should know that. Thanks much for keeping this blog a “must visit daily” for all of us.

  15. Just another first-time commenter here… this is a must-read music blog for me, because it’s like virtual crate-digging with a funny, astute mate. Sorry for the silence, and many thanks for what you do

  16. 90s appeal more than 80s

    1. Thought you might say that ! 😁

  17. This a carefully-curated treasure trove of a blog. Thank you so very much 🙂

  18. I am more partial to 80’s as I was in my twenties then, but everything is good, after all, what does it cost me? Nothing, so who am I to bitch?

  19. I suspect that a lot of folk are a little negligent like me. We take, appreciate but don’t thank. So Thank You, I’m an eighties fan myself & I have plugged a few gaps with your posts.

  20. Don’t you love it when people ask for things but don’t say thank you? Just remember to give them what they deserve.

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