Tino ‎– Tino’s Breaks Volume 6 (Hallowe’en Dub) (CD!)


I’ve had fun with this for over decade. Tino were a record label set up by Jack Dangers and Ben Stokes (both from Meat Beat Manifesto) and Mike Powell. For fans of layered break beats and samples this will not disappoint. Weird and off kilter with plenty of Halloween and Horror film samples. Put it on in the background for your evenings entertainment.


Tino Corp. ‎– TINO-2006-2tinofrontcov

01 Bats in my Belfrey Dub 2:38
02 Wolfman is Everywhere Dub 4:51
03 Wicked Insane Evil Dub 5:42
04 Spells 0:57
05 It’s Halloween Dub 2:17
06 Ghost Dub 5:16
07 Vampire Circus Dub 5:24
08 Magic Dub 5:27
09 Sympathetic Vibrations Dub 4:04
10 Treats 0:45
11 Living Dead Dub 1:33
12 Zombies Walk Dub 4:31
13 Doomsday Dub 5:24
14 Lochness Monster Dub 5:25
15 Footstep Dub 7:50
16 Tricks 2:43

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