Skinny Puppy – Selections From The Album: ReMix Dys Temper (Promo E.P.)

No more dance stodge now as I get a bit more grittier with the coming selection. Whitby approaches!!

It was nice to listen back to some of the mixes from the CD this was released from, “Remix Dystemper” from 1998. This saw a whole load of the current industrial artists have a go at adding their own flavour to a Skinny Puppy track. Here were 4 examples off the album. Rhys Fulber from Frontline Assembly and Delerium gets his hands on “Worlock” and improves it, with added guitar from the excellent Devin Townsend. Adrian Sherwood remixes Tin Omen, making it sound like a mid-90’s Ministry track. KMFDM’s Günter Schulz mixes “Addiction” who lightens it up and even tries to clean the vocals in a very trippy mix. The last rack is a remix of Rodent by Ken “Hiwatt” Marshall, a definite “headphones” mix with some serious  acid shredding and added heavy guitar. (It actually appears in the video game Little Big Planet 3 and the SAW II film soundtrack !!!)


Nettwerk ‎– VPRO 39812-1sam_4976

A1 Worlock (Eye Of The Beholder Mix) 6:47
A2 Tin Omen (Main Mix) 7:30
B1 Addiction (Opium Mix) 6:34
B2 Rodent (DDT Mix) 7:09

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