Erasure – In My Arms (US Promo 12″)

Quite a rare one for Erasure fans now from Mike. Off the ill received “Cowboy” album (for many this was the start of the dip as the duo began to lose their magic.) and released in 1997. Speeded up from the single release Richard Dekkard turns it into a tough, Progressive House track keeping very little , if any, of the original on his instrumental mix. The Dub adds some brief Andy Bell’s vocal snippet’s, quite repetitive and annoying. Thank God the “Espirit” mix leaves most of the vocals and lightens everything up with added piano flourishes but it is very long.


Maverick ‎– PRO-A-8805sam_2140

A In My Arms (Esprit Vocal Mix) 8:53
B1 In My Arms (Dekkard’s Esprit Dub) 7:28
B2 In My Arms (Dekkard’s Esprit Dub Instrumental) 7:28


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