Heaven 17 ‎– Designing Heaven (German 2 x 12″)


When Giorgio Moroder met Heaven 17. This crept out in 1996 after no new material from them since 1988! It proved they still had Street-cred and they were still a trio back then, before Ian Craig Marsh went “missing in action.” Off the album “Bigger Than America” this see’s a return to form, Synthpop with house mixes and diva backing vocals ( Temptation 2?) It came with a myriad of mixes with Moroder (with the help of Chris Cox) leading the pack with some very punchy mixes and that sequenced bass, his main mix is a good intro to the song keeping all the vocals.  Motiv-8 (not the ones with the overalls and masks but Steve Rodway) gives it a bit Euro-house shine that Erasure would be proud of, handbag House. The mysterious Gregorio (maybe the band themselves?), gives us a Tech-house , “hands in the air” version, with all the breaks and builds.  For retro synth lovers there ‘s the “Trans European Heaven” mix, dark and analogue and my favourite mix of the bunch.



Anzilotti & Münzing ‎– SAM 1907design

A1 Designing Heaven (Motiv-8’s Vocal 12″) 7:05
A2 Designing Heaven (Gregorio’s 12″ [Varispeed 130BPM]) 6:07
B1 Designing Heaven (Moroder’s Extended Mix) 6:45
B2 Designing Heaven (Motiv-8’s Vocal Dub) 4:42
C1 Designing Heaven (Gregorio’s 12″) 6:23
C2 Designing Heaven (Moroder’s Subterranean Mix) 5:45
D1 Designing Heaven (Trans European Heaven Mix) 4:50
D2 Designing Heaven (Motiv-8’s Extended Instrumental) 7:25
D3 Designing Heaven (Motiv-8’s Radio Edit) 3:54


  1. Goodguy · April 2

    Sorry I missed this one!

  2. Goodguy · April 7

    Thanks for the re-up!

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