Love In Reverse ‎– I Inject You/Super Car (US Promo 12″)


Time for some Alt. Rock (not Nu-Metal) from this band from New Jersey, USA. They had been around since the late 80’s, sending out demo’s and were previously called Dog.The trio included , Michael Ferentino (vocalist, guitarist, bassist and keyboards)Andres Karu (drummer, bassist and keyboards – who had worked with The Wonderstuff) and , later, David Halpern (drums). This release contains a couple track from their debut E.P. “I Was Dog” with a few bonus remixes.  According to the sleeve they supported Republica (up next) on their American Tour and also Gravity Kills. “I Inject You” is a mid-paced rocker, whilst “Super Car” has elements of Pink Floyd, an interesting listen. The remix of “I Inject You” has an added , burbling synth bass and electronics. The “Secret Agent” mix does give it a sparse, film noir feel; with loads more atmospheric synths added. The “Living Dead” mix is a suitably spooky trip-hop version, similar to the “Secret Agent” but with some guitar added.

Reprise Records ‎– PRO A 8288loved

A1 I Inject You (2 Way Mirror Mix) 4:50
A2 I Inject You (Album Edit) 3:51
B1 Super Car (Living Dead Mix With Spoken Word) 5:54
B2 Super Car (Secret Agent Mix) 5:44
B3 Super Car (Album Version) 5:33

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