Lush – Last Night (US Promo 12″)


There is so much you can take of 80’s tunes being remixed in the 90’s! So I’m going into 90’s Indie mode for a few days.

Digging into one of my favourite genres of the time, trip-hop. Steve Osbourne applies the studio magic to the mixes of “Last Night”, shoegaze with beats and sheer class. (I’ve played his mixes already 4 times whilst doing this write-up!) The track originally appeared in the film “City Of Industry”

Additional tracks include some remixes off the album “Lovelife”, a very rough mix of single , “Ladykillers” (love those lyrics!) a long, involved mix by Spooky of “Undertow” who messes around with guitar sounds bending them into a hypnotic, trip-hop groove. Suga- Bullit gives a more urban, trip-hop feel to the title track, “Lovelife”complete with their ethereal vocals.

They have new stuff out which is worth having a listen


4AD ‎– PRO-A-8034sam_9186

A1 Last Night (Latent Power Mix)
A2 Last Night (Hexadecimal Dub Mix)
A3 Ladykiller (Demo/Ruff Mix ’95)
B1 Undertow (Spooky Remix)
B2 Lovelife (Suga Bullit Remix)

5 thoughts on “Lush – Last Night (US Promo 12″)”

  1. I second this re-up request, I had a album from them that was pretty sweet shoe-glaze stuff and wouldn’t mind hearing this too. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, tickled to have this, all the songs are keepers. Once again thanks for taking time to re-up things for us peons.

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