Seven Red Seven – Thinking Of You (US 12″)


Getting schooled by Mike B is always a nice surprise. So a new synth duo from the States called Seven Red Seven ( Mitchell Adrian & David Michael) Earnest, romantic synthpop with a heavy nod to early Depeche Mode (don’t they all!) Standard synth sounds and drum machines giving it a retro feel even though it was released in 1991. Weirdly it was produced and mixed by Dance producer (and Erasure collaborator), Mark Picchiotti. The mixes are all quite interesting, beefing up the slightly limp-wristed album version. The Dub version keeps the vocals adding sparse, space effects. The “Ameoba House” mixes in a bit of white noise and echoing vocals, a bit of housey piano and some ill-placed Rave effects. (this maybe the Dub version?) The “Warzone” has a more industrial-lite edge to it. Reminds me of early Mesh stuff. The additional tracks are both instrumental; “Dimension X” is a slower paced, chill-out track including a good mix of sound bite samples, think Enigma and inspired by the “X Files.” The other, “United Nations” has Rave pretensions is far too musical as it goes off on an electro tangent halfway through!

Speed Records ‎– SR-105sam_4280

A1 Thinking Of You (LP Mix) 4:50
A2 Thinking Of You (Dub Mix) 4:55
A3 Thinking Of You (Amoeba House Mix) 4:53
B1 Dimension X 5:13
B2 United Nations 4:25
B3 Thinking Of You (Warzone Mix) 4:26




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