Talk Talk – The 1990 Remixes


Thought I’d better get this beast out of the way. (A few people have been waiting a while for these πŸ™‚ ) Putting you in the picture Talk Talk fell out with Parlophone Records over this and sued them and won the case for unpaid loyalties and having their name associated with it. A re-issue of their previous singles tarted up and remixed to accompany the two compilation albums from that year, “Natural History (The Very Best Of Talk Talk)” and where some of these were taken from, “History Revisited – The Remixes” As I keep mentioning some work, some don’t. This collection of twelves have some additional mixes that were not on the album

(Thanks to Mike for saving me the job of rerecording these, it was a some what weird nostalgic trip, shame this project contributed to the band splitting.)

Talk Talk – It’s My Life (12″)

First up is their classic given a wildlife sound effect work over. Dominic Woosey (Neutron 9000) The bass has been redone and clipped with the acoustic guitar given a featuring role. Β I defy anyone not to want to go to the toilet when listening to this (the running water)! Exclusive to the B-side is a mini-megamix by the people behind Jive Bunny And The Mixmasters, Andy Pickles and Ian Morgan, shoe horning 4 tracks into 9 minutes. The normal version of the single is also on here.


Parlophone β€Žβ€“ 12R 6254sam_1773

A1 It’s My Life (12″ Mix) 5:58
A2 It’s My Life 3:53
Talk Talk – Recycled 8:53
B1a Life’s What You Make It
B1b Living In Another World
B1c Such A Shame
B1d It’s My Life


Talk Talk – Such A Shame (12″)

Gary Miller goes all Afro-beat on this version and it nearly bloody works! A bold remix the original is also on here to compare. Bonus track is a live version of another single , “Dum Dum Girl” from 1986, can’t believe I didn’t get to see them live!


Parlophone β€Žβ€“ 12R 6276shame

A Such A Shame 5:40
B1 Such A Shame (Original Version) 4:28
B2 Dum Dum Girl (Live 1986) 3:39

Talk Talk in 1986

Talk Talk – Life Is What You Make It (Both 12″s)

This has some moderate success in the clubs. So dance act BBG manage to recreate their own hit “Snappiness,” on their quite lame remix. Fluke add sampled rock guitar, more piano and a weird snare clash. Dominic Woosey adds techno influences, quirky samples, additional vocals and overdubbed guitar; it is the pick of the mixes from both twelves. Again the original is here and a stunning live version of an early track, “Tomorrow Started” from Hammersmith Odeon, a must listen!


Parlophone β€Žβ€“ 12R 6264life

A Life’s What You Make It (The BBG Remix) 6:14
B1 Life’s What You Make It 4:26
B2 Tomorrow Started (Live From Hammersmith Odeon) 7:45

Parlophone β€Žβ€“ 12RX 6264life2

A Life’s What You Make It (The Fluke Remix) 6:16
B Life’s What You Make It (The Dominic Woosey Remix) 8:21


Talk Talk – Living In Another World (12″)

Last of all and probably the most disappointing is the 2 mixes from 4 to the Floor (who?) and Julian Mendelsohn. Both very long and over indulgent, Mendelsohn keeps the spirit of the original the other has an annoying repeated sample over a shuffle beat, designed for the Balearic clubs.


Parlophone β€Žβ€“ 12RS 6282living

A Living In Another World (Four To The Floor Remix) 7:46
B Living In Another World (Mendelsohn Remix) 10:52


  1. Echorich · October 16, 2016

    These remixes were shocking when they came out and are depressing in retrospect.

    • djjedredy · October 16, 2016

      But….some may find them in morbidly interesting.

  2. Mika-L · October 16, 2016

    Hi, WooOOOOW thank you MASTER! πŸ˜‰

  3. MATT · October 16, 2016

    Thanks for putting these up along with the other uploads this week. Great to see ABC, Duran Duran and more.

  4. Stephen Scott · April 4

    Not a huge fan of the band, but ADORE “Life’s What You Make It”. Could I be so emo-morbid and quietly request a re-up so as not to upset any goths listening?

  5. Winx · April 20

    One of my all time faves … soooo much soul!!! Too bad people didn’t want to follow their musical development into the moodier albums with super-long tracks … it’s their best work!

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