S.O.S. Band -1980 – 1987 •••⋆••• The Hit Mixes (Vinyl LP)

Keeping on the dance theme today with the classic electro/ disco, early R&B  sound of the S.O.S. Band from Atlanta, Georgia. This compilation contains all the extended versions for fans of a 12″ version and was released in 1987. It was edited and mixed by a couple of German DJ/ producers, Mike P. Heisel and Hardy Haas and for a vinyl album is probably at maximum capacity (40 minutes at 33 rpm there is nearly 50 minutes on here!)

The entire first side was written by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and they all sound quite similar with that signature beat and synth bass. Again the pair have writing credits on the second side, along with the late Harry Clayton and Sigidi Abdullah It gets quicker with the Janet Jackson/ Prince sounding “No Lies” (where I’ve put the 2 mixes as one track) Madonna definitely listened to the last track, robbing cow!

The vinyl is quite worn (especially side 2) but I’ve kept it “as heard”, if you want clean it up yourselves go for it.

The S.O.S. is an abbreviation for Sounds Of Success.


Tabu Records ‎– TBU 460189 1sosfrontcov

A1 Just Be Good To Me (Vocal Remix) 7:39
A2 Borrowed Love (Extended Version) 9:23
A3 Just The Way You Like It (Long Version) 9:19
B1 The Finest (Extended Version) 6:17
B2 No Lies (Special Version) 5:43
B3 No Lies (Dub Mix) 4:45
B4 Take Your Time (Do It Right) 7:47

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