Depeche Mode – On-USound Megamixes (Bootleg 12″)


More megamixaction. From the On-USound label and this release from 1990.

So a good selection of old tunes for the Side A mix, it even builds up nicely. You can play guess the hit (and year if you’re up for it!)

The Mode’s album, Violator, gets a bit more attention on the Side B.

Really very, very inventive and many DM fans agree.

Now when is this tour???


ON-USound ‎– DPM 07mode

Mega Mix Part 1 13:18
1a Everything Counts (In Larger Amounts)
1b Shake The Disease
1c Blasphemous Rumours
1d People Are People
1e Leave In Silence
1f Flexible
1g Just Can’t Get Enough (Live)
1h Master And Servant (Remix)
Mega Mix Part 2 10:51
2a Policy Of Truth (Capitol / Beat Box Mixes)
2b Enjoy The Silence (Quad Mix)
2c Everything Counts (Simenon / Saunders Remix)
2d Strangelove (Pain Mix)
2e Behind The Wheel
2f Personal Jesus


  1. Kertis · September 27, 2016

    wow!!! bunch of great posts again after the week of vinyl trash and garbage !!!

    • djjedredy · September 27, 2016

      Heh don’t be cheeky ! The Leader Of The Pack was for you! 😉

      • Kertis · September 27, 2016

        BTW i’ve found lots of rare and great stuff here so many thanx! one of the coolest blogs and i check it almost every day

      • djjedredy · September 27, 2016

        God bless you Sir! I cater for all tastes, colours and creeds 🙂

  2. Matt · October 23, 2016

    I thought there was a link for the Here Is the House house mixes bootleg 12″ but I can’t find it. Was that offered?

  3. MATT · October 23, 2016

    That’s the one. Thanks 🙂

  4. MasterServant · January 24

    can yo uplease re-up this megamix and do you have more ON-USound material?

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  6. Axledental · January 29

    Do you have this DM release: (Depeche Mode /Front 242 /Nitzer Ebb – Mega Mode / Front Dep Nitz [12”,US,Unofficial Release,GR2320,VG] – under Bootleg Section)

    • djjedredy · January 29

      Sorry I don’t but will look out for it.

      • Axledental · January 29

        drives me nuts that it’s right there in perfect quality but my ISP blocks torrents. I have tried to use proxies, etc. but I can’t get around it … lol

      • djjedredy · January 29

        Ah well, keep trying! 😉

      • djjedredy · February 2

        Winx has delivered!

    • **Mike-B.** · January 30

      Have no fear I was out bouncing around vinyl shops and 1 is finally getting sent to me, so hang tight!! So keep your eyes peeled in a later 80’s session. Should have it this weekend (hopefully!!).

      • djjedredy · January 30

        We will just call Mike the Vinyl Messiah!

      • djjedredy · February 2

        Sir, Winx has provided the goods, the cheeky Minx! 🙂

      • **Mike-B.** · February 2

        Ok, So what else has he provided so I do not waste my time or double up!! Just give me a heads up!! Thanks !!

      • djjedredy · February 2

        He’s only provided the Dune stuff and literally only offered this over a few days ago. Don’t feel bad you’re still the best.

      • **Mike-B.** · February 2

        Got It! No Problem at all !! I’ll still send more 80’s. I am putting together some bootleg rip material / white labels (won’t be much as I was always taking a chance on the mixes). In the way of classic rock, D-mode (3 or 4 only) , and some more rehashed 80’s like Billy Idol, Thomas Dolby, (Winx may have requested this or asked if there were any you had or I had) – bootleg mixes of Being Boiled. Then I have Eddy Grant, Pink Floyd, Hall & Oates (I Can’t Go For..) The Doors, Eurythmics & a few more. So Winx or you have some type of a forecast. It’ All Good !!

      • djjedredy · February 2

        Love you bud ! X

  7. Michael Vrbatka · January 29

    to all Depeche Mode headz! IF you interested in material please let me know. also for djjedredy! Keep up the good work! brilliant blog! cheers mate from Vienna Austria contact: (a Goth dj based in Vienna Austria)

  8. Neil Kelly · February 12

    Many thanks

  9. MATT · 3 Days Ago

    Awesome share! Thanks

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